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Bad Government policy caused the dust bowl of the 1930’s. Herbert Hoover intentionally wished to settle the plains with new immigrants from Europe. There was one problem? The stewardship of the Plains was under Comanche and other Indian Tribal rule. The Plains prospered.   Grasses and wildlife thrived. There were Antelope on the prairie, grouse, chicken and 25 million Bison.

The Indians depended upon the Bison for their clothing, their food, their shelter. To rid the Plains of Indians , the new” Nesters ” killed 25 million Bison, leaving them  to rot and  forcing the Indians off their land onto reservations to make room for the Homesteaders settling the Plains: Kansas, Nebraska , Texas and New Mexico.

The new immigrants did not know about the Indian ways of protecting the sod, they saw verdant field for crops and grazing. They ripped up the top soil, planted, then  over planted , till nothing grew in the Plains and people starved. This was the beginning of the drought, the dust storms and waves of dirt that was carried as far away as NYC.

It wasn’t till FDR  came into office, that an effort was made to re-seed the Plains and bring water to the Prairie , in hopes of restoring the earth.  The earth didn’t return fast enough for the original settlers who died from pneumonia, blackened lungs or just moved away.  FDR’s Cabinet and Agricultural management had studied the Sahara Desert and the Gobi Desert for Conservation ideas.  Thir knowledge was passed on to the new Nesters & the CCC , who tried to reclaim the land.

Fast forward to 2018, we the People are being told to listen to bad policy once again and destroy our lands.  This time we’re acting on behalf of a “dying” industry;  the mining and extraction of Fossil Fuels & coal.  Once again, Man is causing a self imposed disaster on the many,  to reimburse the few!

Many States have formed Climate Alliances. NY State has a bill up for debate, imposing a Carbon Tax on all 25, 000 sq ft buildings who are known emitters of Carbon Emissions. The owners and developers will be required to retrofit their buildings and be in compliance with 100% renewable energy.  Enforcement is planned through a systematic fining equation. The bill is scheduled to be voted on, in  April  2019,  before the NY State Congress.

This is a first. It will save asthmatic citizens and improve our lives creating “new” clean energy jobs.   Another step toward progress would be a  tax on the land under developers and major headquarters.  Then, Big Businesses and not the  citizens  would pay for Infrastructure and services in NY.  It’s no longer acceptable for Big Business to be Tax Exempt , when Inequality is destroying our Democracy.

Do we want clean functioning Communities? If we do, “we the People” must reclaim our cities, States and Government from those representatives who represent the needs of big businesses over the needs of “we the People”. Our lives are equally important. Man is not defined by how much money he makes . He is defined by his noble human character traits.

Politics affects us. Be a citizen Advocate and together we can do what’s right and move forward. Progress is never certain. We must try to eliminate CO2 emissions the best way possible. America accounts for 15% of all Global emissions.

Work with me. Tell me what’s happening in your State and support my travel efforts to visit Countries of excellence in fields that are important to us.

When FDR wanted to understand the Plains , he sent emissaries to the Sahara and Gobi deserts. He wanted to know first hand, what held the Dunes in place and where did trees establish themselves. He built on existing knowledge to mitigate the dire effects of man’s destruction of the Plains.

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