America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Why are we willfully blind to Inhumane Policies? We must speak up!

Every time I think I can no longer feel outrage over the egregious Inhumane policies of this Administration, I am outraged!

It’s hard to focus on Citizen Advocates when the Federal Government deliberately keeps disturbing the Peace and well being of “We the People”.

1. It’s going to take experts to correct the dreadful policies of this Administration.

2. The Secretary of the Interior has done real harm to our National Parks. There’s no way we can think about another election cycle with this type of Government and it’s Enablers.

3. Noble character, doing the right thing, is more precious then Rubies, at this time. Especially, when you hear Tom Cottons’ scare tactics to thwart a 1 st step in Prison Reform.

4. This evening, I heard the former Ambassador to Vietnam , speak about a new deportation government policy. This administration wants to send back Vietnamese who may have been youthful offenders 50 yrs ago. One man , stole a car in his teens, spent 3 yrs in prison and in 18 yrs raised a family , employs 45 people and pays $500,000 in Taxes. He’s been in detention for 2 yrs. , pending deportation . I remember why the Vietnamese came here. They helped our Soldiers. If they went back to Vietnam, they will be maltreated.

There’s a long list of “foes” of this Administration:

“We the People”



El Salvadorans


DACA kids

When does this Tyranny end? Who said , Government by the Corporations for the Corporations, is Constitutional. Call me a traditionalist, an originalist, I prefer Government, “for the People by the People”.

The quicker we vote Corporations, Lobbyists and other espousers of Money as the primary objective, out of office, the quicker we can return to a life of Peace and contentment.

See you Monday.

“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class “

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