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Citizen groups around our Country are developing methodology to thwart big businesses. I wasn’t aware there was a gag order preventing Physicians from speaking out against the health affects of Fracking. If we share, we know what’s happening our States and we can all become part of the Solutions.

Damascus Citizens for Sustainability

25 Main Street, Narrowsburg, NY  12764

Phone:  845-252-6677

Mailing Address:  PO Box 147, Milanville, PA  18443

Clean Water, Air and Land are Basic Human Rights

We Are Closer Than Ever to a Ban in the Basin! Your Donation Helps Take it Home!


Great News!

Loyal DCS supporters have put up a $12,500, 1 to 1 matching fund! That means that your donation before the end of 2018 will be matched dollar for dollar. Donate $50 and DCS receives $100, donate $100 and DCS receives $200, donate $500 and DCS receives $1,000. Nice!

This coming year will be critical for the future of the Delaware River Basin. We will be working with our crack environmental attorney, Jeff Zimmerman, to make sure that the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) maintains its ability to regulate industrial activities, including gas drilling, and that we get a BAN in the Basin on fracking, on frack waste disposal and on clean water withdrawals for use in fracking elsewhere.

DCS celebrates its 10th anniversary with a new look!

Our track record shows the effectiveness of the “long game” approach we have taken against fracking. Of course, these results are not due to DCS alone. We have worked closely with concerned citizens and leaders, scientists, experts and environmental groups. And, most of all, we have our supporters like you to thank for these successes.

Please give as generously as you can again this year, and together we will continue to be the little, grassroots organization that makes a BIG difference.

Download the DCS 2018 Appeal Letter as a pdf.

A lawsuit challenging the DRBC’s authority to regulate gas drilling is making its way through the court system. DCS submitted an amicus brief to the lower district court, and then another to the appeals court, prompting a rare comment from the judge in his summary that he was “grateful” for our input. Now back in court, we continue to support the DRBC’s authority over drilling and other industrial activity in the basin.


At its worst, this case could block the DRBC’s legal right to ban drilling. DCS supports the DRBC and its proposed ban on fracking. We are also working hard to get a ban on frack waste in the basin and to not allow the withdrawal of our clean water to support fracking elsewhere. We are close to achieving these goals, but it is not a done deal.

We are hopeful that a complete ban will be passed, but aren’t standing idly by, and neither should you. How can you help? After you’ve sent your donation, send a post card or letter to your governor (the 4 basin state governors on the DRBC will decide the frack ban) and tell them you don’t want fracking, frack-waste import or water withdrawal for fracking anywhere in the basin. Add your voice!

Notable Accomplishments in 2018:

Protecting People Where Drilling is Occurring in PA

DCS continues defending regulations in the Chapter 78a legal case that defines better rules where frack drilling is

occurring. We have laid out the public health impacts of frack drilling in an effort to prevent or reduce some of the

inevitable damages.

Rallying the PA Health Community to Join the Fight

In 2011, the group Concerned Health Professionals of New York was co-founded by one of our DCS members. That group heavily influenced Governor Cuomo’s decision to ban fracking in New York State. Now that the gag order on doctors in Pennsylvania, prohibiting them from disclosing their concerns about the health effects of fracking, has been overturned, DCS is working to start a similar group in PA.

We’ve received a grant of seed money for this project, but we are dependent on your donations to bring it to fruition. It is vitally important the health professionals of PA are helped to speak out!

DCS Leads New York Virtual Pipeline Truck Counting Effort

The new and dangerous unregulated practice of using trucks to ship compressed gas as a virtual pipeline can only be proved if there is a way to count the trucks. DCS has taken the lead in this area, because knowing what’s occurring in communities can have far-reaching policy impacts.

Frack Brine is Ineffective for Dust Control and a Health Hazard

Application of frack brine on roadways is common in Michigan, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Recent research, supported by DCS, shows that brine spreading on unpaved roads is ineffective and likely counterproductive for dust control and road stabilization, and presents numerous potential and immediate environmental, health and economic risks.

Locally, this research has bearing on the import of frack waste into NY State (allowed even though fracking is banned), brine spreading in western PA and the DRBC’s inclination to allow the import of frack waste into the Delaware River Basin.

DCS is working to keep frack waste out of the Basin. That’s why our attorney Jeff Zimmerman’s work with the DRBC is really important and we all know that lawyers cost money! Please give generously today.

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“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Review The Chisels presentation on opioid addiction resolution below:  provided by a Think Tank.


The Chisel, a bipartisan think Tank that includes the American enterprise Institute and the Brookings Institute in Collaboration to resolve issues that confront us.

The Issue

Problem Defined

The problem we are trying to solve is how to eliminate the drug and opioid epidemic in Cumberland, Maryland, what we can do to get people to stop using drugs, what programs we can set up to help people that want to get clean, and more.


Expand all bullets

Our Middle Atlantic region has a high prevalence of opioid deaths


Heroin overdoses in Allegany County doubled from 2015 to 2016MORE

Nonfatal overdoses are becoming more commonMORE

Youth in Allegany County have been exposed to prescription painkillersMORE

Naloxone has been used by Allegany medical professionals hundreds of timesMORE

Using “gateway drugs” often makes a perosn more likely to develop an opioid addictionMORE
Go deeper
In Rural Maryland Counties, Communities Fight Back Against the Opioid Crisis

Brennen Jensen – (Invalid date)

This article talks about how rural communities in Maryland are dealing with drugs and how they are affecting these communities how much drugs have increased and more. This states facts about drug rates and more as well.


We are freshmen at Allegany College of Maryland located in Cumberland, MD. We have grown up in Cumberland our entire lives and have seen this issue affect those around us. We hope to encourage our community as a whole to do more to prevent opioid addiction and find ways to minimize this epidemic.

Brandi Hamilton
Student – Allegany College of Maryland
Kara Lashbaugh
Student – Allegany College of Maryland


Diane McMahon
Service Learning & Civic Engagement, Faculty Director; Associate Professor of Sociology – Allegany College of Maryland
Bayle Sturtz
Student – Allegany College of Maryland



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As I strive to give you the latest facts.  I’ve shared articles from The Brennan Law Center, The Roosevelt Institute, The Jewish Action Climate Network, The Kaiser Family Foundation.  Enjoy, be involved, ACT to change our Nation for the better.

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