America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce: T’was days before Christmas & I offer a prayer for the Working Classes. God Bless you! Caring is sharing! Let’s work together! Periscope: Thursday @11am.



T’Was days before Christmas and I thought there should be a prayer for those who work.

  • Grant them higher wages next year.
  • Never again let the working poor become homeless.
  • Instill a sense of Corporate decency and responsibility in today’s CEO’s. Let them do right by their employees & their Community, even if they lack compassion and empathy.

Let Citizen Groups Advocate for taxing Corporate & Real Estate Developers land providing revenue for affordable housing. Tax exemptions for Corporations and developers, if they provide a reasonable wage and benefits to their employees and fund Infrastructure to their sites.  Otherwise , no more freebies. (Ex . Some Corporations collect our FICA contributions,  but many are exempt from matching those funds? Or “We the People”, pay for large Corporate Employees, instead of making that the obligation of the Corporations? Infrastructure should also be funded by large Corporations & Real Estate Developers , not by “We the People “.)


Leave the NYCHA housing as is ,in NYC , and train NYCHA residents to perform paid repairs on their properties with Managerial supervision, for additional compensation. Do not penalize them for earning a little extra, let them keep their apartments and develop Community pride.


Give people the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty. Where was that National and State Bulletin Board for available Job opportunities? I don’t think we’ve decentralized the electric grid yet or fixed our train, subway or tunnel problems yet? Where are those jobs? or IT project management or Network control jobs?


Instead of driverless cars and trucks , provide mass transportation to rural communities and connect everyone to the new 5G networks . Give everyone equal opportunity and access to better paying jobs.  Corporations and Municipalities should offer paid apprenticeships and skilled education to everyone who wants to earn a living wage.


Let us all be connected to share good ideas to change our society to a profitable one that leaves no one out!


Overturn the zero taxes on the wealthy , their estates , home offices and hedge funds, giving equal opportunity to all. I remember when a Million Dollar estate was taxed 55%. Fair? Equitable? Give the Middle Class more income and equal opportunity for education and socio- economic advancement.

Train a healthy working population by providing the best education and healthcare.


My wishes for all of us who are an indispensable part of our Great Society. We can have it , when we realize the Power to change is in our hands. Make your wishes realities. The Brain and our energy is a terrible tool to waste.

Caring is sharing. We should continue to share the news in our Communities. We are United!  Have a Merry & Healthy Christmas everyone!

God Bless You! We’ll chat Thursday.

“ The heart and pulse of the Middle Class “ Please show your support and donate to my pursuit of ideas to help us achieve a united productive healthy society of individuals.  Thanks you.

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Develop a Lobbying organization to support Labors wishes for fair wages and quality benefits. Seats on the Corporate Board. Transparency in wages and growth opportunities. All salaries within every job description to be published leading to equality and gender equality, too! Privacy from management review. No information, except how many are represented, to be revealed. I will hire a team to work with me, and you, the Corporate employee, will control & dictate, all actions to be taken.


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