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Thanks for following. See you Monday on Periscope!  I’m Looking for help setting up Live Stream , mic and Chat. Please log in and follow archival UTube videos. Thank you. 1000 followers  are needed for Super Chat set up.

Wishing everyone all the best.

See you Monday on Periscope.

“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class “

Once again, I’m soliciting your support.  Let me be your ambassador to Countries who have achieved excellence in Healthcare, Education and Infrastructure reform.  I’ll also, tune into Economists and pass on my learning and expertise.  I deliver the facts and you choose how to make them work for your Community, our Country!  Please support me and I can continue to support you! Thank you!

Phase one: Produce a book based upon my Blog Posts dating from 2012- to the present. Perhaps a Memoir! Than, support travel to countries showing excellence in Healthcare, Education and Infrastructure programs. Support : AmericaSpeaks The Voice of Joyce LLC

I wish to reach Common Ground on the Social Issues and I’m Fiscally Conservative on Monetary Policy. I would be willing to run on a split ticket moving the Country & our Society toward the center. I support a robust prosperous Middle Class. Decent wages, Healthcare, Education & Infrastructure are my concerns. Review my Blog Posts: The Voice of Support my efforts through your contributions of $5 or more. Happy Holidays


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