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Dear followers, during our New Year’s Eve merriment, politics came up for discussion about 2am.  The Electoral College was “hotly ” debated.  Follow our argument and you decide, based on the facts presented, “How do we reform the Electoral College?” The short answer, only through Congress may State’s rights be superseded. Congress could pass standardized voting rules that would enfranchise voters.  Of course, Citizen Advocates and the legal communities involvement is required

Why are big states and cities losing the electoral vote? Proportional representation?

  • If you live in Wyoming with a 1/2 million people , the State is entitled to 3 representatives to the Electoral College.
  • If you live in NY,  with a population of 19 million , New Yorker’s should be allowed,  based on Wyoming ‘s formula of representation to the Electoral College, 38 representatives x’s 3 ( 114), given the same proportion. Instead NY has 29 representatives.  Populated cities are Electoral College Representation challenged.  Is there a remedy? Yes!


The founding Fathers, intended the Electoral College to reflect the popular vote.  A National Popular Vote initiative, requires that 270 electoral college votes – enter into a compact to award their electors to the Candidate who receives the highest vote Nationwide.  New York, 10 other States & Washington, DC have passed this measure, totalling 172 electoral votes.  Those interested in securing passage by additional States, effectively abolishing the Electoral College, should review the proposal  It is another way the bar can make an important difference in democratizing our Nation’s elections.  ( this paragraph is attributed to my friend, Jerry Goldfeder @Stroock,  and the author of Goldfeder’s Modern Election Law (NY 2018)


 Until Voting Laws are reformed to favor the representation of every individual, we are not actively participating in our Democracy.

To level the playing field , Citizen Advocates , if they wish to have representation, must win at the ballot box and overturn overwhelmingly the political district maps that prevail. No side should espouse Gerrymandering. Independent Citizen groups, advocating for sensible district mapping  produce a fair and equitable system.


Unfortunately, getting on a ballot or proposing a ballot initiative also has drawbacks, as our system favors a two Party System and makes it difficult for third party or individual candidates to compete in a closed Primary.  The answer for fair representation would be less stringent laws requiring entry to anyone qualified to run. 

 “We the People “ benefit when universal Voting Laws make it easier for us to cast our ballots.  One method would incorporate a standardized ballot across 50 States, to be mailed into to Federal Election Bureau, posted included, to be counted by computers overseen by independent Citizen Advocates.  ( Our representatives chosen equally from both parties & independents.)  Then we can assure, that a newly empowered public will be represented, by one person, one vote!  Restore, one person one vote, our Democracy demands it!

See you Monday and we’ll chat.

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