America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce #I’m Independent. We have no time to waste on Gridlock, we must hit the ground running in 2020. See you Friday on Periscope @11 am and we’ll talk issues.

Where do I stand politically? Back to my roots, seeking Common Ground. There is much work to be done. AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce  is a representation of “We the People”. I wish to write and walk the foot steps of Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The Country can no longer dither with mediocre politicians. We need Statesmen & women, like the new crop of Democrats from the CIA , scientists and engineers. This is no longer the time of the political hack. We need people with smarts,  who quickly understand the problems and their resolution.  No more voting against our self interest.  Democracy demands that, “we the People” are involved.

In 2020, we must hit the ground running and re regulate Laws that give us clean water and air and preserve our limited resources.

We must overturn Gerrymandering, voter suppression, voter purging, fraud and simplify the ballot.  NY State is embracing Election Reform.  On Monday, we’ll determine how committed the NY State Legislature is to Reform.

  •   It can’t come soon enough for the entire Country: one standardized, pre paid ballot , to be mailed to your State and counted by Citizen Advocates, representing “we the People”.  I’ve given up hope on casting my ballot from my computer, in the comfort of my home.
  • I also dream of open primaries and an easy low cost method to write in candidates for Government.

Climate Mitigation:Infrastructure is Priority #1 Does this include a Border Wall?  Who speaks for the towns on the Border?  Is a wall really a National Security issue?  $5.7 Billion in spending, if it were divided for Labor  40-50%, would be over $2 Billion for 44,000 People’s salaries @$50,000.00 each.  That’s stimulus!

What other stimulus can we imagine?  Light rail, bus transportation, repairs of aging infrastructure.  We can use algorithms to compile data to site our citizens on property that is safe from environmental catastrophes.  Why do we use algorithms only for high risk investments or Customer profiling?  We can do better and create “smart” cities.

  • Healthcare and education are close 2 nds in Priority.   This week The Economist ran a special report on Childhood.  It pained me to note our Educational rank among Nations.
  • Denmark spends 1.2-1.5 % on education according to their GDP.  America spends 0.3% and we wonder why our citizens are not making choices to improve their lives.  Clearly, we have failed to give equal opportunity to all.
  • Denmark also has pre school available to parents who work.  In these United States, only 40% of kids , 3yrs old,  have pre K.
  • Denmark, Germany and South Korea are concerned with Childcare costs, too!  They don’t over burden families with these costs ( approximately 5% of total Income), while Americans pay  23% of their income? Only the wealthy can afford to spend money on quality education, maintaining Inequality.
  • Americans voted to fund Public Education.  It’s time it was a priority for everyone.

Working to seek Common Ground, we can overturn our State of Inequality. Together we can move forward into the 21 st Century.

Support me and I can support you! Running for the Presidency is serious business. I’ll be ready once I’ve learned what’s available in our Wold.  I want to see for myself, the achievements of other Nations.  We can duplicate Institutions that work best for Americans.

I’ll interview people in Countries of excellence in Infrastructure, Healthcare, Education & Voting reform and live stream the information as it’s being gathered.  Then, “we the People” can choose what works best for America.  We’ll make change happen from the ground up, no more trickle down effects.  I believe in People and mind sourcing.  Working together, we can change our culture of despair,  to hope and return to that “can do” spirit that resides in all of us!

To save ourselves, our Country, our values, all of us must commit to work together for Common goals.

Join me as an Independent under our banner, America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce and together we’ll prosper.

While Congress remains gridlocked , I’ll be gathering data for your review! You won’t be idle. Your job at home is changing the way we vote in every State of this Union.  Removing barriers  to representation,  by the People for the People.  This is hard work and necessary,  if we’re to achieve our goals.

This is my wish for 2020 and our Road map for change. It runs through the ballot box with Citizen Advocates. We can do it!

See you tomorrow and we’ll chat.

“the heart and pulse of The Middle Class”

Dear followers, I’m asking for your support for the projects I’ve mentioned.  Unlike the Presidents I admire, TR & FDR, politics came to me late in life.  I was a scientist, before I became an executive & Capitalist.  However, after experiencing the crash of 2008, my passion for helping people,  over rode all other endeavors.  I care deeply about the plight of Americans.  I have children and grandchildren, affected by the economic and now , the climate crisis affecting all of us.  Whether or not I’m your Political choice to lead you, support my efforts to educate you , making you an informed citizen.  This is your choice. 

I subscribe to Master Classes and read voraciously to improve my understanding of our World.  I urge you to support me so that you,  too, can benefit from my learning. 

 I need your monetary support , as much as you need the information from a person you trust.  I’ll establish a UTube presence, however, in the meantime , if you’re interested in my continued efforts to keep you informed on the issues that concern us, give generously. I work on your behalf,  I don’t have split allegiances, my policies and thoughts are for my benefit and yours.  Very truly yours, Joyce

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Develop a Lobbying organization to support Labors wishes for fair wages and quality benefits. Seats on the Corporate Board. Transparency in wages and growth opportunities. All salaries within every job description to be published leading to equality and gender equality, too! Privacy from management review. No information, except how many are represented, to be revealed. I will hire a team to work with me, and you, the Corporate employee, will control & dictate, all actions to be taken.


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