America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Use the Constitution’s “Pocket Veto” & Congress can End the Shutdown in 10 days. Then debate Immigration Policy! Read on!



It’s worth studying our Constitution! Then, “we the People” would remember option 3 for passing Legislation:  Approved bills by both houses of Congress can be sent to the President. He doesn’t have to sign them and they become Law in 10 days. In 10 days, the Government Shutdown can end!

We know, having a Government shutdown is hurting over a Million Federal Workers and their families and Communities.   The TSA and the Parks are understaffed and it’s sad to hear that Joshua Trees have been destroyed. Our National treasures are being plundered.

Worse farmers and small business loans are not being processed. Mortgage applicants just got an exemption, through their lobbyists.


Makes you wonder what or who else can be exempt? 

  • In this instance the entire Shutdown, using Article #1, Section #7 of the Constitution, also known as the Pocket Veto.

  • According to the Constitution, bills to reopen Government, could be sent to the President for signature. If President Trump forgets to sign the bills, they become Law in 10 days.

  • A win win for everyone. The Shutdown ends and negotiations on immigration policy can begin, along with passing a comprehensive budget.

Trump is asking for $5.7 Billion for a wall. Is this the best way to use this money? Who decides? Only Congress can authorize the funds.   Why not debate, Reinstate & pay Federal workers and cancel the Shutdown now?  Why wait?

What do “we the People” want Congress to debate? My list, please add or subtract.

  • DACA kids on a path to citizenship. They contribute $8 Billion to our Economy
  • The deportation of Haitians, Hondurans and Ecuadorians in this country , over 30 yrs., is inhumane.
  • Laws on refugee asylum were established  in 1979, years after the US refused to let 900 + (hundred) Jews disembark on our shores in 1939.  When no other Port would accept these refugees,  their ship, The St. Louis , was sent back to Germany and most perished  in the Concentration Camps.  Are we revisiting these humanitarian Laws, based on UN Protocol?
  • Immigration policy should be codified.

“We the People” prefer a functioning Congress.  Gridlock and Shutdowns, don’t help US!

See you Tuesday and we’ll chat.

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