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What’s worse than The Shutdown, 2 Million people held hostage, businesses not reinvesting in America or Americans, progress.

One of the things we were promised was improvement of our Infrastructure. That’s not happening and it is occurring in the Far East. China, Singapore and others.  Many countries are experimenting with alternative energy.

China is the #1 producer of Carbon Emissions @27% they have a huge economic stake in Climate Mitigation. Even with a declining population , they’re concerned about water and food resources.  They’re determined to find a cheap exportable fuel system. They’re working on 4 th generation nuclear power plants and when they’ve chosen the best prototype, their model will go into production Globally. They’ve already developed the infrastructure.  So has Singapore.


While we bicker, openly displaying hostilities towards others  and starve our workforce, other Nations are nurturing their citizens. They’re concentrating on providing the best education and Healthcare. They’re concerned about the well being and happiness of their people.

It pays off for the Scandinavians. They’re not afraid to have kids.  They know they’re well cared for while their parents work.

Us, if you’re not part of the Uber wealthy, you’re scared about job security in the “Gig” economy, food sufficiency or homelessness.

  • What happened to our inalienable rights? Those rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They weren’t just words before this age of greed set in. There was upward mobility for immigrants and we can achieve our envied status again.
  • United we stand. Together we can move forward.
  • We are all connected, the World is changing, pay attention.


See you Monday on UTube and we’ll chat.

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