America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Don’t protest, craft Laws & ballots to restore “we the People’s “ representation in government. Strike & form Class Action suits against inhumane Corp practices. The Rule of Law can work for US! See you later @11am Periscope & UTube



There’s only one way to win against a determined old , in every sense of the word, Legislative order.

  • Do not march in protest, rather , save your energies to craft “The People’s ballot”. Democracy requires constant participation. It is preserved when “we the People” learn , organize and write ballots , to be voted on, which further empower “We the People “. We win by becoming experts on the rule of Law by working earnestly to overturn State Constitutions that created GERRYMANDERING, photo ID’s, no early voting and restrictive write in ballots.
  • We can further increase  our voices, by investigating our existing tax structures and zoning structures, involving ourselves in the development and planning of rural communities and cities. 
  • Our goals should include education of impartial citizen committees enabling,  them to craft the bills and ballots,  that will empower us to move forward with a “can do” attitude ,  allowing our representation at every level of government.

What do we want?

  • Affordable Healthcare
  • Quality Education with day care & meals for poorer populations
  • Infrastructure/Climate Mitigation projects incorporating skilled IT to protect and build critical infrastructure.

Must halves:

  • Revamping of the Penal System. Mass incarceration can no longer be tolerated.
  • In humane immigration policies can no longer be tolerated
  • Attacks and restrictions on hard fought human rights and reproductive rights must be preserved for the LGBTQ Community and women.

These are acceptable protests.

  • The right to strike
  • The right to class action suits.

Act and be effective. Know your goals and aggressively pursue them.   Remember, those in power , whether it’s government or business, do not share  ,nor do they have empathy.  Do not be angry.  Act by employing the Rule of Law. When we vote, when we strike, when we craft ballot initiatives to improve our lot in life, “We the People” will be able to use the Rule of Law to our advantage. This is the beginning of “representation by the People,  for the People’.

United we stand. I’m proud to be a part of these United States. I’ve seen our “can do” spirit in action. We can achieve our goals when we act together! It’s never to late,  to do what is right.

See you Monday.

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