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Why do the poor rural populations choose Republican candidates, rather than Democrats, with a known track record to help the vulnerable and Middle Classes?

Here’s a story from The New York Times that I thought you’d find interesting:

Charlatans rise. Government falls. The less educated rural Communities vote Republican.

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I’m currently reading Doris Kearn’s Goodwin’s book, Leadership in Turbulent Times, one passage , in particular, resonated with my views: I quote FDR, “What is the State? “ Roosevelt began. The State was created by the People for their mutual protection and well being. One of its central duties is to care for its citizens who are unable, through adverse circumstances, to maintain their lives without help. In normal times such aid would be provided by private or local contributions. But these are not normal times. “

Those were FDR’s words in 1932. He went on to state, that we must rebuild our Country from the bottom up and restore its prosperity to the forgotten “man “ at the bottom of the economic pyramid. He knew that the State had a responsibility, not out of charity, but out of duty to provide for those less fortunate.

Who was Roosevelt’s forgotten “man” ? a farmer facing crushing debt, a small business unable to compete against a monopoly, families and single parents unable to make ends meet.

That’s what we need today. Someone who connects with “We the People” and understands our needs. Leadership in Turbulent Times.  I’m one of those People.  I have vision and I’m asking you for your advice and the money to pursue those visions.  Let me read your stories; send them via email and leave your support with pay pal.

Presidents make a difference and Politics affects all of us! 

  • “We the People” must actively provide the Legislative representation that truly represents all 360 million of us, otherwise, we have governance by whim and  for a few.

Perseverance toward our common goal of liberty & justice for all are not just words. Nor is the right to pursue life, liberty and happiness. These are our inalienable rights. Work to preserve them and don’t stop working in politics until we have Laws that make our lives better.

This world belongs to all of us. Not just the wealthy. Why do you think they want limited government? It’s limited for “We the People”, not for the wealthy.

That’s why I’ve included another article for you dear followers.

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  • VW was fined for Emissions fraud in California. Money was to be allocated to Sacramento and poor communities, connecting an electric ride share program plus charging stations.   VW reneged on their promise to build charging stations in poor neighborhoods, when it was easier to provide their cars at a profit to wealthy communities.
  • The most vulnerable and most needy of their vehicles,  received rebates of $163,900,  while those with a similar population in Palo Alto received $2.4 Million in rebates.
  • VW is not complying with the letter of the Law and is aided by Government, all except Mr Florez , who cast a no vote.

If you don’t want the upper classes to get the largest share of the Economic pie, find time to know who you’re voting for. Don’t buy lies, support a real person you can relate to and vote for them. We all have a habit of denying reality when it suits us. It’s far easier to live in the real world. I know, I denied reality myself for years, because I was in constant pain.

No more. Be involved , act & vote. And if you’re abused, walk out and raise your voices high.

See you later and we’ll chat.

“the Heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

I’ll alter my terms based on your suggestions.  I’m new to both Politics and fund raising.  I was a scientist before becoming a humane Capitalist.  I worked for 3 Multi National Corporations when they were proud to follow the Laws and be American.


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