America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Who amongst us is without sin? You want 100% pure, go to the Theater,#The Mint & See #“The Price of Thomas Scott”. See you on Periscope at 11 am Monday



Let’s be real. Who among us is without sin?

If you think Medical school students aren’t wacky, you’ve never attended Medical School. I was at Cornell Medical Center in 1973 and the brilliant Medical  students talked  and were rude  regularly.  They were irresponsible. They were also stressed, intense and taken aside & regularly reprimanded. 


My 2 cents:  Governor Northam is not pure, could he be 95% ?  Is that OK?.   What’s our litmus test for pure?   He was born in 1959, do the math, he was 25 years old. Look him up on Wikipedia. He was a medic, graduated VMI and was the Lt Governor of Virginia prior to becoming Governor .   Judge him on his policies for Virginia now.  He passed Expanded Medicaid in Virginia, worth a pass?  


  It’s easy to judge and destroy lives.  In NYC and other States, we’re advocating for Parolee voting rights.  Florida has already passed their bill and millions are now able to vote.  We forgave and moved on.


Is it better to be considered a “good guy” and let NYCHA families suffer and freeze , when the temperatures are below freezing?  Are you a good person, when you espouse voter suppression?  Mass Incarceration?  Hatred & Anti semitism?  When you care about a woman’s right to choose and condone the murder of innocent people of all ages, in order to have an unqualified , inalienable right to bear arms?


As human beings, we’re lucky, if we’re only 95% good. If you want 100% pure go to the theater, The Mint’s production of #The Price of Thomas Scott, by Elizabeth Baker , will satisfy your conscience.


Which brings me to my next topic, finding a candidate to run against Donald Trump, someone who 75% of the American Voting public can stand behind! It’s got to be possible.  He’s already leaving International vacuums.  “We the People” have real problems to be resolved, don’t be bogged down by our differences.  Unite and act for a Democracy that represents all of us.  A Democracy where we we all get our Fair Share.


This year,  3 States elect new Governors, Kentucky, Louisiana & Mississippi, plus there are several States with special elections.  Be active, be involved and unite to write Citizen Ballots that overturn existing Voter Suppressive Laws.  Have a say in your State’s budget and insist upon candidates who will deliver Expanded Medicaid and vital pay increases to Teachers  and facility upgrades to Schools. It’s time, “We the People” took our seat at the table.

See you later and we’ll chat.

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