America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Stop railing against the 1% or Voter fraud, act on your own behalf & embrace Participative Democracy. We can create a society that works for all of us! One person at a time! Let me explain! & Let me add Virginia Politics, too!Periscope @11am.



If we hated everyone who we thought didn’t live up to our standards , we’d have a very narrow circle of friends.

Instead of railing against the 1% or the top 20%, let’s think of ways to make them work for us! They’ve gotten the Lions share of the economic pie for 30 yrs. The facts are in, anyone within the ages of 25-54 is economically disadvantaged. Not only are they left without decent paying jobs, they’ve got no future and no savings.

That’s not a life I want for my kids and grandchildren. Do you? We must change years of habit and have rules to limit corruption. Corruption costs.

Is it easy to change? Hell no! I know, I’ve been evolving slowly over 10 years. Yet, given the opportunity, I go back to my old way of life; living life to the maximum, planning over extended days, till I crash in pain and I’m forced to rest. I did it my way, like Frankie used to croon. There’s a better way:  Planning

I used to schedule jobs, so this is not an alien concept to me. As a contractor, I never liked the typical contractor excuse, the “truck” broke down.  My mechanics were always on the job when assigned. When I worked for multinationals, I scheduled due dates, 1 week, before the assignment was actually due, allowing for late submissions. So it’s possible to plan. Now it’s got to be possible for me to plan my days, weeks and life. You can do it too!  Especially now that we’ve got to be involved in Participatory Democracy. 


 We must to realize there are 360 Million of us and maybe Million at the top. Like a car, Democracy has to be maintained and Legislation tweaked. We


all have to participate. Don’t talk about voter fraud, purging, suppression & gerrymandering, do something about the problem. Make time for becoming engaged with the Political system in your State. Form citizen commissions to overturn the State constitutions. It’s hard work that pays off. JFK said , “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.

Overturning suppressive voting practices is Priority #1. Voting in candidates who will act on your behalf is Priority #2. Mitigation of Climate Catastrophes will be our jobs for the next 12 yrs. By saving our Planet we will save ourselves.

A little stimulus will reverse our course from misery to happiness.

Call me an optimist, I am. I also have faith in my fellow man and want change to come that benefits all of us. Everyone of us is precious!

See you later and we’ll chat.

“ the heart and pulse of America”

Don’t sweat the small stuff, listen and learn from someone you trust.  Support me and let me show you what’s possible!

Support : AmericaSpeaks The Voice of Joyce LLC

Develop a Lobbying organization to support Labors wishes for fair wages and quality benefits. Seats on the Corporate Board. Transparency in wages and growth opportunities. All salaries within every job description to be published leading to equality and gender equality, too! Privacy from management review. No information, except how many are represented, to be revealed. I will hire a team to work with me, and you, the Corporate employee, will control & dictate, all actions to be taken.


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