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We’re stuck in a hell of our own design.  By choosing to let Politics “take care of it self”, we’ve created a dysfunctional system that no longer communicates, negotiates or values our Institutions.  At a time when we should be concentrating on the restoration of Voting Rights and Climate Mitigation, we have an Administration and a GOP ready and willing to pay the Oil Companies to play.  They don’t worry about our Planet, they’re interested in short term profits from Fossil Fuels.


The Democratic Party is lacking clout.  They’ve got the House and they’re doing good work in the Statehouse, but their zero tolerance  stance on social justice issues is impractical, considering the GOP in power has no limit on egregious behavior.  In fact, it’s been rumored that Senator Susan Collins, received $1.8 million in donations to vote yes, for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 


What happenned to the center in the Political Parties,    I thought the vast Middle Class and the the young , ages 25-54, represented the Center.  I may be wrong, Socialism , at this point may be looking more acceptable, then Fascism. 


I thought, if the Democrats won the swing votes in the House and Senate, we’d have sensible legislation.  I’m in favor of their policies on Voting Rights and a mandate on Climate Mitigation. I’d like to see short term plans for pivoting toward a new green deal, that increases jobs and wages to those left behind and espouses social justice for all.  Climate Mitigation/Infrastructure projects would stimulation our economy out of Recession.  A necessary program, that is mindful of displacing workers and leaving people and Industries adrift.


We the People need a Carbon Tax on Fossil Fuels , benefiting us. It’s been cited by the experts , to be effective, the tax should be $42.00 per ton.  I admit,  I’m not sure what tonnage is released into the atmosphere?   I do know, according to the Economist, the big 5 players in the Fossil Fuel industry expect growth of 1-2% a year moving forward. While we’ll need a reduction in Carbon Emissions of 20% by 2030 & 50% by 2050. This is not happening.  We have a policy’s in place catering to the Fossil Fuel Industries.


Only a dedicated survivalist Public can curtail Fossil Fuel growth. We the People would benefit from the Carbon Tax, it would offset our taxes or safety net programs, whatever we choose.


If we vote , we can have the Society we want. If we fail to vote , if we fail to reform our elections or if we fail to nominate citizens to Public Office who see compromise as common sense, we do so at our Peril.


Zero tolerance doesn’t work. Negotiations work and if we don’t have enough folks to negotiate with , since another Shutdown is imminent , give Trump and the GOP  their wall. The country has already lost $3 Billion + and “We the People” have suffered. Another Shutdown is a Pyrrhic victory and will cost our Nation more than the $5.7 Billion for the Wall.

Be prepared to lose the battle and win the War in 2019, 2020 and beyond.

See you later and we’ll chat.

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