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Donald Trump and his regime are dangerous on many levels:

  • Domestically: they’re increasing Climate Catastrophe by catering to the Energy Industry.
  • They are keeping folks sicker by withholding adequate healthcare.
  • Their tax cuts to big businesses & the ultra wealthy have decreased revenue to the States, making needed Infrastructure repairs difficult and curtailing revenue for Education and Healthcare.  Republican States are imposing harsh work requirements on Medicaid recipients and Expanded Medicaid.

This is an administration that purposely creates chaos and focuses our attention on meaningless debates while they steal money from the People’s purse.

I wondered what took them so long to get to Fannie & Freddie. That prize was promised to Minuchin and John Paulson prior to the election. Too bad they didn’t get to buy it in bankruptcy, that was the plan behind the lower Corporate tax rate. Buy cheap, sell high.

More worrisome is Trumps foreign policy. They would encourage a war with Iran , rather than pursuing sanctions against Russia. They’re like snake charmers, diverting ” we the People” .

The North Korean deal will not end the North’s pursuit of nuclear superiority. They’re very clear headed in their wants. They may also want to control South Korea too! Big aspirations for a Nation that starves it’s people and pursues elegant propaganda.

No good will come out of the Trump administration and his GOP enablers.

  • This is what harsh Capitalism looks like. All the money concentrated in the hands of a wealthy few.

The Democrats in Congress would be better off stowing their biases and pursuing voting rights and payment of a green new deal thru Carbon Taxes.

Can’t have everything.

See you later and we’ll chat!

“The heart and pulse of “we the People”

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