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It’s a funny thing about health and or addiction, when you’re in ill health or you are addicted you are unaware of your surroundings.

Life suddenly becomes one or two dimensional at best. What do I mean?

When you’re sick, you feel discomfort, maybe pain, tired and you’re disconnected from your family and friends. You’re isolated. Stuck in your own small world of pain, unable to function and see those around around you or yourself.

If you’re addicted, that’s more insidious, you have no idea that you’re addicted. The World may seem altered to you, but it’s the same World we all share.

You’ll never know what you’re missing till you seek help. No wonder America has become dysfunctional, we are Country of people where most of us are traumatized, suffering PTSD and sick both physically and mentally.


We’ve become immune to the daily murders. The 60, 000+ who die from gun violence leave a wake of hurt! Who cares about us, our needs for Peace , security and happiness for our loved ones? Certainly not this elected government. They care about preservation of 2 Nd Amendment Rights that don’t apply to our technological age. We have a well formed militia and a standing Army.


  • We do need to protect ourselves from the mentally ill, the disenfranchised, the disgruntled and the misogynistic. The list of those who cause us personal harm is long. Instead , Who do we protect ourselves from, Dr’s and emotionally distraught women , who want to terminate their pregnancies.  Her fetus is the only life we seek purposely to protect.

  • Forget the parents killed leaving orphans because of one mentally unstable individual. Forget about 17 yr olds in the prime of their lives. No one matters except an unborn fetus? Strange? A thinking feeling sentient being has less right to life then a fetus. An unformed human being grabs all our attention and sucks the oxygen out of any debate on right to life?


I can’t blame a sick population on the State of our Union. I can blame the Leaders we have inadvertently chosen to represent and repress us. They have calmly denied us Healthcare, gun safety and mental health counseling for the addicted and the distraught and those suffering from PTSD.

What do you think happens to people who are repeatedly abused. After awhile some of them begin to love their abusers and the cycle of neglect, illness and dysfunction continues.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We have the ability to say we’ve had enough. We have the ability to exert self control. It’s not easy. I know,  but the road back to health and life is worth the control. I’d rather see this life in all its glorious color and emotions than be stuck in a one or two dimensional World.

My hope for the New Year is a real awakening for all of us, one individual at a time, so we can heal individually and as a Nation.

What’s your story. Share it. Seek help and feel better, too! Thank you.

See you later and we’ll chat.

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