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If they’re good enough to work for you, they’re good enough to be on a path to citizenship.

Does the  slave mentality  still exist? Do some folks still see a serving class, rather than employees with a right to a decent wage, benefits and education and training?

Our policies encourage:

  • Mass incarceration and punishment , rather than counseling and a route to a job outside for profit prisons plus educational training and  rehabilitation.  We have the largest number of prisoners in the World.  Why?  Detention centers are big business.  The legal process, construction and running of these prisons are based on numbers.  The more incarcerated, the more money made by “everyone” involved in the process. 
  • Egregiously,  Policies have reclassified prisons as a REIT,(Real Estate Investment Trust),  a non profit real estate entity.  It’s a win win for everyone but the prisoners.  

  • Except , if you’re lucky enough to commit a crime justifying long term Federal Incarceration , than you’ve won the lottery and taught skills that are useful for manufacturing.
  • Low level offenders, languish with nothing to do.  They’re almost forced to plead guilty to escape jail time.  

Destructive  policies can be changed by us, “We the People”, if we care enough to become active in politics.  Politics Affects us.  Start young and work your way through the system.  Do it for your families.  Help them receive better Healthcare,  education and retraining, if appropriate.  It’s our job to work for “good policy” in our Country, these United States of America.


Did you know the secret to South Korea’s success in healthcare? They have a Nation of” hypochondriacs”, I’m affectionately told.   That’s healthy.  If my son hadn’t been my advocate, I never would have sought Medical help for my ailments.  I’m “old school”, I like Dr’s almost as much as I like Lawyers?  However, with my son’s caring insistence, I’ve changed, I went  to the Doctor and was delighted by my prognosis.  I’ve developed allergies. I’m fine.

  • Now, I can proceed with plans to become more active politically and travel and listen to people.  I’m interested in changing policy to help all of us.  Your stories and concerns are welcome.  More than that, they’re necessary  If you know of good policy implemented in your town, or want to find out what’s best for your community,  ask our Community.  Together, we can grow and build upon our collective knowledge.  Sharing is Caring!

Bringing us back full circle.  If illegal citizens are good enough to work on the cheap, they’re good enough to be paid decently and set on a path to Citizenship.  Everyone working today has worth and should be paid accordingly.  We’ll need more people to help build the Infrastructure & Climate Mitigation projects that will save all our lives!


See you later and we’ll chat.

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