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Society is like a systemic disease , all institutions are connected. You change one policy,  you affect others. No policy should be implemented without considering alternatives, cost benefits and consequences. A holistic approach must be used for a full understanding of the macroeconomics and its impact on our culture. 


  • Why do “we the People” need all the facts?   Cost benefit analysis impacts our Community.  If we’re informed, we make better Political decisions.  Amazon left NY because, I’m told , local politicians were involved and they did not listen to the views of the Community. 
  • We have 4 elections in the space of 4 months to replace a Borough President and perhaps a vacant Council seat.  Doesn’t make sense?
  • Our Country’s people are suffering from the effects of Harsh Capitalism. We’ve wasted our resources by not considering the impact of toxins on air and water pollution.
  • We’ve heated our Planet in an never ending quest for Fossil Fuels, knowing full well, that  this quest would destroy people, the land, our bio diversity. We’ve overstretched all our resources for this quest. Instead of finding the “holy grail”, alternatives, we’ve led our society and others on a path to an early grave.

It’s been said America is slipping into developing country status don’t blame “We the People” .  We’ve been unwitting pawns in the governing GOP’s quest for liquid gold and the People’s purse

  • How can we be productive when we’re sick, addicted, traumatized and more miserable?  We are like hamsters in a cage, circling around and getting nowhere.
  • Building larger cities isn’t the answer. I see a dystopian society,  if we pursue our course. Millions clustered together in a limited space , not enough work, poor education and healthcare and endless poverty. Sure,  we’ll have technological development,  but what will become of the average man? The same progression toward AI , mimics the thoughtless progress we made when globalizing. We provided a larger trading ground for the Corporate behemoths and forgot the havoc that would ensue when millions were displaced.

I’m convinced that to improve man’s lot in life we must go slow in further disruptions to our society. We have to retrench and rebuild our infrastructure both physically,  as in bridges and roads , and holistically , starting with what ails us and then build a stronger,  healthier body and mind

If we look inward we will find our answers to a more just and rewarding society. The pendulum has swung too far into uncharted Harsh capitalism.  It’s time to catch our breath and produce a more productive society based upon the strength of our inner core. “We the People” need a rest from trauma and chaos.

We need to rebuild ourselves and our surroundings, being  thoughtful & mindful.  No more action without plan and the understanding of consequences. We’ve had enough buffeting by the winds of change. A more deliberate progress would be beneficial.

Go slow. Watch what we do. And change wisely.  Let’s turn our entire country with a single mindedness of purpose dedicated to making a better World for our children and grandchildren. Nothing less is acceptable.

See you later and we’ll chat.

“The heart and pulse of “We the People”

Dear followers: I’m preparing you in advance, I may take my advice and take a vacation.  First, I’ll be recording premium content on U Tube, starting with the Voting rights Panel this thursday @7PM The Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, NYC.  Go to our their Website & Register!  Thank you for your contribution.

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