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It took till 1891 for Labor to realize they had Rights. However, the founding principles of our Republic , the Courts and the Government were all based on pro business interests. It wasn’t till TR & ultimately FDR , acknowledged individuals rights and joined our struggle for upward ability, that Workers Rights were codified and a massive rebuilding of America took place.

1st TR broke up the monopolies and supported investigative reporting. He couldn’t prevent wild speculation , nor could he stop the crash of 1929.

FDR was elected during the worst depression in America’s history.   The Country was limping along with stagnant wages and discontented with the Oligarchy class since 1891.  FDR  was different from other Presidents.   He wasn’t afraid to to try new programs.  He persevered till we the People were clothed, fed and on the road to a more equal society. Many of the Federal programs that protected workers , started with TR and FDR.  Many of those Laws have been overturned or weakened.

  • Once again the Oligarchy has taken over American life.

To defeat this Oligarchy,  we need an empowered populace.  We’re all good enough to be involved, united and dedicated with  a single mindedness of purpose to overturn the Oligarchy and unite with Fellow Americans. Become impassioned for our collective liberty, fear of Our State of Inequality, Fear Climate catastrophes and act! 


  • Start by rewriting the Laws that inhibit free and Fair elections. We can do it on the local levels by changing City and State Charters, making it easier to vote for individuals who represent “We the People”.  Together we can change our Country and put the Worlds economy and climate on a better course.
  • We’re all good enough.

See you later and we’ll chat.

“The heart and pulse of “we the People”

God Bless

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