TheVoiceOfJoyce Can we be good enough & unite to support each other? America today demands that we be involved, and demand our right to life liberty & the pursuit of happiness. Periscope @11am Monday

Dear followers, this post was sent to me and I thought, it might inspire you to become an activist in your communities.  We are all good Enough!


Being good enough is not easy. It takes a tremendous amount of work to smile purely while waiting, exhausted, in a grocery line. Or to be good enough to loved ones to both support them and allow them to experience frustration. And it remains to be seen if we as a society can establish a good-enough relation to one another, where individuals and nations do not strive for their unique greatness, but rather work together to create the conditions of decency necessary for all.

Achieving this will also require us to develop a good enough relation to our natural world, one in which we recognize both the abundance and the limitations of the planet we share with infinite other life forms, each seeking its own path toward good-enoughness. If we do manage any of these things, it will not be because we have achieved greatness, but because we have recognized that none of them are achievable until greatness itself is forgotten.  “We are good enough!”

Avram Alpert teaches writing at Princeton University and is the author of the forthcoming “Global Origins of the Modern Self.” He is at work on a screenplay about the life of the activist and writer Saul Alinsky.

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