TheVoiceOfJoyce: It takes courage to Mourn the past with their easy profits to pursue new ideas for our collective future ! Oligarchy vs “We the People” Periscope @11am 3/7/19




Mourning the Past. It happens to all of us we’re human it’s hard to let go of the old and familiar but we never grow our of Our State of Inequality, until we do!   The old attachments are comforting, I say mourn them , recognize your losses and let go. The present is where we want to be , if we’re ever going to secure a future for ourselves and families.

So it is with old ways of doing business. It’s so easy to tap the next well or plant the next mega farm, using or destroying ,  another million acres , according to your point of view, with pesticides and fertilizers without thinking about the long term. Why think about the future?  The  Shale extractors and the Mega Farmers prefer to continue to do what they know best.   Their product is profitable up till now and no one has been able to predict or guarantee the future till now.

Now we know all of our present way of life will lead us to deprivation of water and food. We know we have finite resources.   There is no longer a debate on the reality of Climate Events being heightened by our old ways of doing business. It’s not easy to let go of the past and all those projected profits, except they’ll be for nought without any people left to breathe the polluted air and water.

Why hold on to a past that leads to a dystopian future. When , with great strength of will and courage we can make the choice to try something new.

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