#TheVoiceOfJoyce Talking about basic human dignity, that’s achievement, enough! Plus Campaign Finance & Election Reform Periscope @11am




Let’s talk about what’s important to safeguard our Democracy. 

1. Voting Reform , an issue,  concerning the entire Voting public. It is a pity, it is disparaged by the sitting Republican’s. This is not a referendum on a Party, rather it gives everyone an equal stake in our Democracy. Every vote does indeed count. We have the right to vote and we should be able to exercise that right unimpeded.

  • In NYC, though it is difficult to vote and only 5% shows up for special elections, a dedicated group, including me,  will change the NYC Charter.  Easier access to Registration and voting can become a reality for 19-22 million people.  Perhaps the State will follow our lead.

2. Campaign finance Reform. I’m interested in full disclosure of all monies to Candidates. Merely setting an arbitrary limit, means everyone will spend in increments of $9000, to skirt the $10,000 disclosure rule This becomes another accounting process and doesn’t solve the problem of Corporate or special interest groups , influencing Congressional representatives. I want to know the representative who was backed by Exxon,  Eli Lily or Bloomberg (though I wouldn’t mind being influenced by him!)

  • Personally , I prefer a public option to Super PAC’s and non profits, that would encourage Statesman and woman to vote in the interests of “We the People”.   I would rather raise salaries and create a body politic dedicated to solving the People’s problems!

3. Respect for other’s and generosity of spirit is a goal we should strive to achieve. Americans were once thought to be naive, no more. We are bombarded with divisive language and demonization of groups, which is at odds with reality.

  • When I go to restaurants, theater or travel and speak to folks in America, I find no such divisions. Most folks are courteous and agree on major issues. Tolerance can be developed along with so many other traits that encourage doing “what’s right”.
  • Talking about basic human dignity for all us, that’s achievement, enough!


See you at 11am and we’ll chat.

“The heart and pulse of “we The People”

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