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Labor has never been in a better position to reclaim their place in Society, than now!

Corporate debt is at an all time high. Risk resides in the marketplace. “Bank like” structures have bought up Corporate debt creating risk.  Interest rates are still low , however, profit margins can’t afford to be squeezed by labor?  Corporations are vulnerable to labor’s pressure on Wages and growth.  The time to act is now!

  • How? Elect “TheVoiceOfJoyce”, as your lobbyist.  I have no conflicts of interest.  I’ll act on your behalf.  I’ve been an Activist for “We the People”.  Let me champion Labor ‘s cause.

Be anonymous, send me your proxies for voting your Corporate Shares. If I hold all your proxies, for your Corporation or if I hold proxies for your Pension funds, these shares in the Corporation gives you Economic Power. How? They’re voted as one block and if the Corporations don’t accede to your wishes , you can ask for the immediate release of your money. 

If they let you divest from their stock and portfolios , we can invest in other products and set aside money for entrepreneurs, receiving 12% return on our investment, using Pursuit as our model. There are options for you, not for the Corporation.

Success depends on acceptance of this concept, by a large section of the Labor , in the Corporate World.

You, the laborer, whether lower paid or middle management now have a voice. Just like activist investors. You can force the Corporations to comply with your wishes, through activist Ballot measures to be voted on by shareholders.

  • You want a path to upper management, ask for it.
  • You want wage transparency in Corporations with 250 employees + , at every level of employment, ask for it.
  • You want regular wage increases and quality benefits, ask for it.
  • You want seats on the Board, ask for it.
  • With enough people voting by proxy, you a single worker, have clout.

Send me your proxies and I’ll represent your interests. From wages to benefits. The time to act is now. Now when everyone is anticipating what the next downturn will look like. Now when Corporate governance is non existent. Now when actual balance sheets are obscured and even the Oracle of Omaha got burned by overpaying for the Heinz merger.

Act to stave off future Recession. I don’t believe an increase in Wages and adequate funding of benefits will have dire consequences on the Economy. I do believe labor is suffering and stretched to the max, physically, mentally and economically. Nobody gets anything without asking.  Ask management for what you deserve and do it now, anonymously,  before, 2020.  We can’t afford more damage to the air we breathe and the water we drink.

I never believed in winner take all politics or business, however, a perfect opportunity for leverage has presented itself.  Use it and prevent a dystopian future.

We live in a connected world. Accommodations must be made, to enable us, our children and grandchildren to make plans for our collective futures.

Ask for it.

See you later and we’ll chat!

“The heart and pulse of “We the People””

Dear Followers:

If you’re interested in this proposal, show it by following me and support my efforts.  You can start with small contributions to this venture through Pay Pal.  I’ll present you, with a formal business plan,  fee structure, proxy statements, privacy statements, etc. to start this business.  You’re my clients, I’ve proven my activism.  Let me know what paths you wish to choose!  The future is ours.

Support : AmericaSpeaks The Voice of Joyce LLC

Develop a Lobbying organization to support Labors wishes for fair wages and quality benefits. Seats on the Corporate Board. Transparency in wages and growth opportunities. All salaries within every job description to be published leading to equality and gender equality, too! Privacy from management review. No information, except how many are represented, to be revealed. I will hire a team to work with me, and you, the Corporate employee, will control & dictate, all actions to be taken.


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