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The happy truth about our Democracy, our Institutions stand, while we the People, elect and tolerate poor Performance in our Presidents, their Cabinet and Congress.

What we see today, in our 2 Nd Gilded Age is a Government totally influenced by the CEO’s and the Businesses they control, including their employees. The State Houses, If Controlled by the current GOP, is no different.

During the first Gilded Age, starting in 1891 with the rising of Labor, each administration, influenced by the major industries of their day,  perpetuated  bad policy decision makers, from Grover Cleveland to Herbert Hoover. Thanks to Hoover, the Midwest , 4 States comprised the Dust Bowl.  The  Dust clouds  were so dreadful, they drifted across the continent  and could be seen in NYC by FDR!

It took FDR years to rebuild the acquifers and the plains. Now the devastation of America is happening all over again. American soil is being plundered and Mother Nature has become an indiscriminate destroyer. Automation hasn’t taken our jobs. Immigration hasn’t taken our jobs. Big Business making obscene salaries and decisions based on greed has destroyed the American worker.

As the 2 Nd Gilded Age continues under an invigorated Trump-administration, we the People will continue to be the losers.

Flood, Fires, earthquakes, depleted resources will be our reward for bad policy decisions tolerated. We had a Depression once, it could happen again. Starving people on bread lines. No shelter and no food. It’s happening in other parts of the World where war, pestilence and famine are wiping out Communities.

How much bad policy will we tolerate before demanding change. Bad policy decisions at the Presidential level, kills.

See you later and we’ll chat.

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