AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Very important to New Yorkers. Call Albany today about funding Early Voting. Budget deadline 4/1/19. Thank you.



Early Voting is at risk — and needs funding to succeed! We need to fill the phone lines all week to remind Leaders Stewart-Cousins and Heastie that funding must stay in the budget, and to tell Governor Cuomo that Early Voting and Electronic Pollbooks funding is non-negotiable.

Call the 3 leaders today to make sure Early Voting and Electronic Pollbooks are funded in the state budget!

2019 has been a historic year for voting rights reform in New York. We will finally have 9 days of early voting. But in order for it to succeed, it needs state funding. The final state budget is due April 1, and it will all come down to priorities and negotiations.

We need YOU to let them know that funding is essential to ensure that Early Voting is a success when it finally comes to New York state this year.

Please use the script below to call today.

In community,
Let NY Vote

Ps….Wanna be a super-volunteer? Join our call relay and sign up for a few time slots to keep the calls going all week long!

MAKE THREE CALLS TODAY! (and tomorrow, and all week long!)

  1. Governor Cuomo 518-474-8390 (press 2)
  2. Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins 518-455-2585
  3. Speaker of the Assembly Heastie 518-455-3791

SCRIPT: “Thank you for bringing Early Voting to New York. It’s essential to adequately fund Early Voting and provide for Electronic Pollbooks in the state budget. I’m counting on you to ensure that Early Voting is successful.”


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