TheVoiceOfJoyce Proxies can work & Labor can rise. Why should an elite minority control the Majority’s destiny?



How to have proxies and be anonymous, too!

The employee doesn’t purchase the stock, each employee has their spouse, kids or partners purchase a share of stock. If too expensive for one family, shares can be pooled , proxies given over to my Corp and the aggregate numbers are used as clout. Now employees have power. We circumvented the Corporations intent and through their spouses and families , employees now have a voice.

  • Instead of the group appearing, their voice and wish list are transferred to me!
  • No one can be singled out , I appear with their proxies. I or a member of my team,  represent millions of employees. Giving them a voice in the Corporation and a seat on the Corporate Board.
  • They have circumvented no voice, no voting stock!

Collectively we can oversee what’s happening. Report wrongdoing and enforce GMPS (good manufacturing processes) or basic integrity. Limit debt and increase wages, transparency and oversight. Corporations won’t collapse with higher wages and more employees being productive and innovative. The CEO’s and upper management would collect less.

  • Coming from a small business, Labor is always paid first.
  • Labor’s voice means less money to influence Government and allowing Government appointed legislators to act in” We the People’s” best interest , rather than the interests of the CEO and “his” Corporation.
  • One of my goals was a bloodless Revolution, where “We the People” win. We take back control of our lives!  American Policy is no longer depending on a GOP Business view of life!
  • The money saved on Lobbyists can fund wages and R&D.
  • Down the road , once we begin to adapt &/or mitigate Climate Change CEO’s can get tax credits for acting in the Country’s best interests.

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