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I was looking through my NY Times saved articles and bring you the following conclusions:


  • Our priorities haven’t changed in Trumps America.  We the People, need quality Healthcare for everyone.  How we get it may be under debate, but Vertical integration of the field is not helping us.  In fact, as Pharmacies and Insurance Cos. negotiate pricing for their chain, they’ll get the savings, it’s already happening and we the People, will have less transparency in pricing and pay the Bills through our plans and Medicare.  That’s why Medicare requires negotiating power and the reason it has none! 
  • “Breaches Everywhere, Flooding Burst Midwest levees and questions follow.” (NY Times)  In 2017, the American Society of  Civil Engineers gave the Country’s levee system a D rating and suggested $80 Billion in Investment over 10 years.  Who gets the water has been the source of Litigation for years.  Time to Plan for the next Flood with all interested parties at the “table”.
  • Mueller may have left Obstruction of justice to Congress for a decision to curb the abuse of Powers seen in this Presidency, in future Presidencies.  There’s no question, this administration is corrupt.  The same political handlers indicted by Mueller, have mentored new political operatives and they’re using their “pay to play”, politics in African elections.  The corruption continues on a Global scale.

Runaway Capitalism, without a moral and ethical component, can not survive.  Sooner or later, a series of events will cause the markets to swoon and we’ll be in Recession ll, with very little monetary policy left, to save us.  The Corporations still have time and money to reverse Course.  My Lobbying/Activist Investor idea works.  One woman Hedge Fund owner, an Investor Activist,  has convinced 10 Corporations to become decent Corporate citizens.  They’re maintaining profits, while they pay their employees more and reward shareholders.  Changing our culture is doable, we only have to agree, it’s worth changing and ACT!


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