Joyce: ” America Speaks” Audacious Hospitality

This Post was written in 2015. Still Relevant? You decide!


We are a party of audacious hospitality, we accept everyone, we bash no one, we want the Resurrection of the Middle Class and relief from the debt burdens placed upon us.

It’s time to consider progressive taxation. Less tax for those earning $250,000 and below and more tax for those earning a $1 million and up.  No more exclusions for Hedge Funds.  They should be paying tax on their income.  Would I be open to a reasonable “flat tax”, yes.  The numbers must be justified to relieve the tax burden of the Middle Class and create accountable  meaningful revenue.

The payroll tax should be applicable to every tax bracket not just the first $ 118,000.00 Then we would never run out of money for Social Security, MEDICARE and Medicaid .

The State of Israel

I am bound to Israel’s survival .    Israel has a right to exist and…

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