PUBLIC ADVOCCY: New Solutions for a New Day

This was my first video recording on the State of our Union in 2014. Does it still resonate with you, my dear followers? Please involved, join the conversation on change. Together, our Voices are heard! Thank you.


Morning in America/ time for a change …. I’m introducing my self via iMovie  & U-tube; same video, honing my skills on different media platforms.

I want to thank everyone for following me and welcome  you to my world;   where I create and think and answer your comments.   Please listen and enjoy your day!  All the Best.  Joyce/I am “the voice of Joyce”

This is an interlude before tackling anew,  the big questions of our day!  “Sweat the small stuff”  and let’s all get involved in creating jobs and re-instating the Middle Class.  The crash of 2008 wiped out the Middle Class,  the money didn’t evaporate, it’s still out there.   It doesn’t take Rocket Science to figure out ways to re-deploy the cash to benefit the Middle Class.

It’s morning in America, once again.  Politics effects us all and we have choices to make.  During the last year…

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