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It’s hard to change. Our identities are molded by our families, our Communities, and our affiliation with a political party.

We’re bound to our belief systems,  but what happens when we find that our beliefs are wrong.

  • If you were told to value freedom and that freedom was tied to small government, you’d naturally think expanding government is bad.
  • What if I told you the opposite was true? Would you believe me?

Good governance provides the following:

  • Regulation of corporations and our banking system.
  • Insuring that the products we purchase are safe. Good governance has inspections for a food and water.
  • Good governance has the ability to give us Affordable Healthcare.
  • When we’re healthy , we’re happier. The world looks better and happy people, it’s a fact, vote.

So what kind of freedom do we really have with small government? Small government provides no regulation of industry leading to poor quality products which can harm us. It also leads to monopolies and less competition, limiting our choices for products and services. Sure we’re free to choose but those choices are limited and more expensive .

Because there’s no competition, we the People are at the mercy of Large Corporations. They restrict our wages and they charge more for their services.

What else happens? There’s no budget for crumbling infrastructure and no budget for science & technology. The military provides R&D not the private sector or individuals. Small uncaring Government, does not provide for the needs of “We the People”, it stifles individual growth.  “We the People” have less rights within Monopolistic, Monolithic Corporations and our wages are stagnating!  Our lives are on hold as the few who govern us and these select Corporations thrive.

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Wouldn’t it be better to have good governance and be free to make better and cheaper choices for ourselves. Competition provides us with better and less expensive choices for products. It enables Job growth , quality healthcare, subsidized education & child care services .

We can be more free and happier. Vote the scoundrels who have brought Americans to this State of Inequality out of elected office Their definition of the public good , isn’t freedom at all. It’s suffering , misery and slavery in disguise.

  • Demand quality healthcare
  • Demand free access to voting
  • Demand a better education.
  • Do it for yourself and your family.

Don’t let anyone tell you small government is good. It only works for the very wealthy, at the expense of the many

Ask yourselves, Are we really free with small government or are we too scared to let go of our past beliefs? It’s like living in the moment. Being present. Not caring what happened before,  only caring about today, now and for the rest of our lives, living as each and every day is our last.

If you want to know what makes me tick. Living. I have many interests and one overwhelming passion. I want a better world and life for myself, my children and grandchildren. Yours, too!

See you later and we’ll chat.

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