America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Can “we the People” overturn Bad Policy & Achieve a Goldilocks Government on State & Federal Levels? Do we value our kids and grandkids lives? Will you act to save them? Periscope today @ 11am



Only two issues are important in our World: Mitigating &/or adapting to Climate Change and restoring our Voting Rights.

The only way for Americans to achieve more equality and less divisiveness, is through the Voting Process. We must vote overwhelmingly in 2020 to overturn the existing GOP in Government and the State Houses .   Politicians who prefer Coziness with Big Business , the money they make from Corporate Influence vote with and for Corporate agendas, they don’t for the rights of “We the People’.  Vote them out of office.  It’s everyone’s responsibility. 

  • Become an activist. If your State has repressive Voting Laws, concentrate expert advice and rewrite your State’s Constitution allowing everyone to have a voice.   Can’t change the State’s Constitution, change every City’s Charter instead.  Restore “we the Peoples” rights through ballots and Referendums. 
  • Start Now! It’s 2020 before we know it and we need ballot measures ready to reaffirm our freedoms.
  • Only when we have voted out these short term thinkers and profiteers from Government, can “we the People” be heard and enforce Laws to benefit the many, not the few.

Once,  “we the People” control the Statehouses and Federal Government, we can reinstate Laws that protected our food and water. Gave us Affordable Healthcare and education and stimulate our Economy by putting more people to work at better paying Infrastructure & Climate Mitigation jobs. Our path isn’t easy. So many are talk and no action.

“We the People” to survive and thrive must ignore our diversity and use distributive networks of “doers” to show us the way.  I know folks who have changed their State’s Constitution and have eliminated Gerrymandering. We can follow their methodology and their lead.

“We the People for the People “, one Nation indivisible , working together for a Goldilocks Government that works for all of us,  not only the few!

See you tomorrow and we’ll chat.

“The heart and pulse of “We the People “”

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