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There’s no more time left to rail about what is, or to gather up the facts on who to blame. There’s only time left to act against the status quo, unless you want your kids and grandkids to have limited choices for their lives?  Veganism would be the least of their problems!

We the People can not afford to be complacent.   Democrat, Republican or Independent it’s up to “we the People”, to pressure our Representatives to Congress who under Corporate Influence to stop and desist from representing the Corporate “good” over the needs of “we the People”.   We owe our action to our kids and grandchildren to act responsibly on their behalf.  We may feel like running away, denying reality, escaping is the cowards way out.  Confronting our problems is necessary and  assures us a future for our kids and grandchildren.  


  • Don’t let the Senate pass more Laws that degrade our Institutions or our environment.
  • Don’t let them be a rubber stamp for Trumps policies of annihilation.
  • Don’t let them forget their duty to “We the People”.

Government changes our lives. It took the dreadful policies of Government from 1891 to 1929 to destroy our Economy. Teddy Roosevelt tried to prevent disastrous decisions but his Presidency was short lived. It took the Great Depression and a World War and FDR , to bring us out of poverty and elevate the “individual “ in Society. 

  • “We the People” were empowered for 70+ years. Steadily unionizing, becoming educated, achieving health and wealth and than ever so gradually, our lives changed and we lost again to the Power and single mindedness of a greedy few.


  • Now our way of life is being dramatically threatened once again. If “Trumpism” wins, we the People , of these United States,  lose and entire generations of the future of our World, lose as well.

  • According to Scientists, we have a 12 yr window of opportunity to change our World and decrease Carbon Emissions. By working together and with other Countries we can save ourselves, our food supplies and clean air. If we fail, our children and grandchildren who survive us, will have a vastly less diverse world to work with and may not have the energy to achieve our dreams of space. Being Vegan would be the least of their problems.

  • Act Now for change. It’s never too late to do what is right!

See you later and we’ll chat.

“The heart and pulse of “We the People “

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