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It’s troubling to read the Redacted Mueller Report.  It raises many questions

  • Since we’re aware, that The Russian Internet Agency interfered in our 2016 election and they started work on their campaign in 2014, why are sections redacted that would enable the Public to understand their methodology in undermining our Democracy?  Why aren’t all their Facebook, Twitter and all their Social Media sites available for Public scrutiny?   Once available to us through Mueller’s Report, have they been totally removal from the relevant Social Media platforms?  Will someone be watching for future Foreign interference in our Elections and will the Foreign actors be sanctioned?   Why shouldn’t we understand who was targeted, how many Americans,  and if they’re still being targeted?   Why don’t we have full disclosure of their methodology?  How did the Russians pay for these  ads?   Who saw them and how many times were actions taken in response?

The American People are entitled to the truth. It’s disheartening that all pages dealing with specific instances of Russian Inference,  using our Social Media is redacted in its entirety? Why? Harm to ongoing matter? What does that mean?  If the Russian sites still exist, they’re gearing up to help Trump in 2020. Why should a free Democracy allow this interference to occur again?

What did Mueller find:

  • Day to day recruitment for Political rallies
  • Recruitment of people to amply the Russian message
  • The Russians paid for plane tickets and bullhorns for rallies.
  • They also paid for rally supplies
  • The Trump Campaign then retweeted the Tweets from the Russian sites
  • Along with Brian Pascale who was hired to run Trumps social media campaign,  Trump spent $70 million on Social Media and used the Russian media’s sites to make himself look good and to smear Hilary Clinton.
  • One site used by Donald Trump and his Campaign, included Don, Jr. @Ten_GOP

Many questions are raised.  Our Democracy stands, buffeted by a Legal system that held The Presidency above the Law and to this day, “we the People” have no checks and balances on the Presidency.  The Legislative branches and the Dept of Justice, the DOJ, work in support of Donald Trump and not “We the People”

See you later and we’ll chat.

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