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Dear followers:

There’s nothing in the Mueller Report that condones Trumps actions or those of the complicit GOP in Congress or Trumps Inner Campaign Circle.

He’s not exonerated and should by the GOP’s own standards,  be impeached for Obstruction of Justice and collusion with the Russians.

Should impeachment proceedings start?  Certainly a concerted effort should be made to know all the facts.  Somewhere, like Nixon, there’s a smoking gun!

  • No one is above the Law. That’s why we have impeachment clauses in the Constitution. What’s the next step is really the question? I haven’t read the entire Mueller Report yet. I will and I believe, there are those who are complacent about Russian interference in our Democracy, we haven’t escaped a bullet aimed at the Heart of our Democracy. Our Democracy still stands, however, there has been a concerted effort by Russian Actors and insiders in this “new Conservative GOP “ , to dismantle our Institutions. Without the Mueller Report “We the People” would still be suffering under the yoke of stagnant wages, worried about the continuation of our Healthcare system & the ACA, Concerned about  a lack of clean water resources, air pollution & Climate Change dislocations plus unbridled Lawlessness from a lack of Government intervention in our lives, without protection from Kleptocrats & Plutocrats. Unfortunately our Democracy has developed into a mixture of both.  Social Capitalism existed before, to solve our problems and create a better thriving surviving society, we must remove from the Federal & State Governments all who would impede our progress to conquer Climate Change and corruption.
  • The fact remains,  Trump was taking no chances, he needed assurance, that he could win the Presidency,  Putin wanted him to win at any cost.  Together, with Russian interference in our election and voter suppression , they were confident the Presidency would not go to either Bernie Sanders or Hilary Clinton. They won and “we the People”  suffered. It would have been enough, if they had only destroyed our Institutions, our land, our water, our bodies but,  they needed to claim absolute power over lives and reap all the short term profits from our once bountiful public resources.
  • The fact remains that we continue to have Voter Suppression distorting the “People ‘s Vote ” and we do not know , if the States have safe guarded our Election process from further Russian interference.  We don’t even know if Social Media is controlling Russian or other foreign actors interference in our Elections? Who will promise “we the People” a fair election process? We already know using Russian Voting machines,  allowed Russia to use the voting base of entire States , for  , I presume, their targeted Social Media Campaigns. We also know that the new voting machines are flawed. There’s a proper paper trail only if every box is checked before scanning and proof read thoroughly. Otherwise, the machine may fill in blank boxes. Be aware. Do not vote straight Party lines. Check every box individually and vote! Our lives depend on an overwhelming vote to rid our Country of short term  Plutocrats or aim to become Kleptocrats.


My notes on the Mueller Report. Worth reading every line. Don’t believe the spin, there was a concerted effort by the Russians to skew our Election and Donald Trump and his children and friends , helped Trump win the Presidency at great cost to the American People , with a  potential payout to the Trump Organization in the Billions , if he played “ ball” with Putin. This election was about money and power and Trump needed both to win.

What have we learned from the Mueller Report ?

1. P43 Both the GRU & Wikileaks encrypted their internal communications. The stolen DNC & Podesta emails were transferred from the GRU to Wikileaks, the how is redacted? Why would you want to keep Russian methodology secret?

2. On 7/14/16. The GRU sends an encrypted document to Wikileaks via the Ecuadorian Embassy, Wikileaks confirms receipt and the ability to open the documents, containing 20,000 emails from the DNC. The DNC Convention convenes 3 days later. We’re on p46 of Mueller Report. Dear followers, you decide, was this Election rigged?

3. During this entire section, the passing off of Documents between the GRU & Wikileaks passages are redacted citing Investigative Technique? 50,000 emails were released in all , between Podesta & Clinton, the Clinton Campaign & Foundation, including Clinton’s private Speeches on 10/7 & 11/7 . All the emails came from Podesta’s private email account , the latest one, dated 5/21/16. The timing  of the emails release was controlled, coordinated and destined to cast doubts on Hilary Clinton’s competence to seek office.

4. Additional GRU cyber operations targeting Democratic linked targets in the Summer & Fall Of 2016. On 7/27/16 Trump went on TV requesting that :Russia,  if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find  the 30,000 emails that are missing? These were the 30,000 emails stored on Clinton’s server while serving as Secretary of State. Some emails belonged to a Clinton aide. It’s not clear how the GRU found and identified these email accounts that were never made Public. More redactions on GRU methodology? Evidently, they were able to take a snapshot of a snapshot of databases that were producing back ups. P49 Why is Mueller ‘s investigative technique obscured or the DNC’s cloud computing service? Who’s being protected? The GRU stole approximately 300 Gigabytes of data from the DNC cloud based account.

5. Intrusions Targeting the Administration Of US Elections. GRU officers targeted individuals & entities , such as the State Boards Of Election , secretary’s Of State, county governments & individuals connected to these agencies. Mueller did not investigate what had occurred to our Election process, it was left to the FBI, Homeland Security and the States to investigate Russian interference in our Elections. Those reports should be made public as well, my opinion. I’d like to assure integrity of our Voting system.

6. The GRU gained access to voter databases and millions of voters in Illinois, there’s no stretch of the imagination, with access to registered voters in Battleground States in the summer of 2016, it would be possible to target these same voters through Social Media. Is it any wonder, Americans are divided. Once again, how Russia accomplished these breaches is redacted? Why? Every State should be concerned and preventing Russian intrusion in 2020.

7. The Russians also went on phishing expeditions at a voting technology co, whose Corporate name is redacted?Why? County government in Florida was penetrated by the GRU? FBI investigates? Outcomes? Recommendations?

8. The entire chapters on “Trump Campaign and the dissemination Of Hacked Materials p51 , and “Contacts with the Campaign about Wikileaks “ were redacted. The only reason , they’re redacted, based on what little information is given, is in the summer of 2016, Trump was ecstatic over the release of DNC’s emails. P 53. It appears that Gates and Trump we’re both expecting Wikileaks data releases. By September , 2016, Corsi & Malloch , members of the Campaign, knew the Podesta emails were coming and assured the Trump campaign that they would be in the Drivers Seat. The rest of p56 & 58 are redacted, presumably not to harm Trump.

9. Donald Trump Jr had direct access to Wikileaks during the campaign period. In his communication with Wikileaks,  it appears Assange is concerned that Clinton would send a drone to kill him. In retaliation, he sends Don Jr a message via Twitter,  on how to share information with his Dad , that would help Trump look through the Podesta emails. Two days later, Don Jr publicly tweeted the Wikileaks link as a thank you! P60

10. Prior to Wikileaks getting the Clinton deleted emails from Russia, there was a fishing expedition started by Michael Flynn to obtain the emails by anyway possible, including using the services of the Chinese, Russian & Iranians. Makes you wonder, why is Trump down on the Chinese & Iranians? Was it because they personally didn’t help him win the election? Only Russia  allegedly colluded! P 62 “Campaign efforts to obtain deleted Clinton emails. “ Clinton’s unprotected server was in the process of being hacked by State related players and private mercenaries. Sam Clovis the Campaign,  co chair for Donald Trump was in the loop,  along with Flynn, Brannon, Kellyanne Conway, Edward Prince (Betsy DeVos’ brother) & Smith. Far from a group of bungling idiots, these folks were intensely serious about their pursuit of emails from their perceived enemies.

11. Russian Government links to and Contacts with the Trump Campaign: It appears that Mueller was looking for a “quid quo pro” that had been established during the Campaign. Trumps involvement with the Russians goes back 30 yrs. along with Manafort , Flynn and others in his inner circle.  When was a quid pro quo established doesn’t matter. Trump got to coordinate seamlessly with Wikileaks and Russian cyber espionage, isn’t that damaging enough? Further , a Foreign power paid for his rallies, targeted his voters and cost him only $70 Million to follow the “bread crumbs “ or information left for his campaign to follow. Russia set the scene and Trump played his part.

  • By 2/14 a letter of Intent had been signed between Don Jr representing the Trump Organization and the Crocus Group headed by the Real Estate developer Agalarov. All this occurred after Trumps trip to Moscow for the Miss Universe contest. Than Putin waited, until it was clear that Trump would become the Republican nominee. Putin acted on Trumps behalf. Who knows what else Trump has to do to get a building permit in Moscow? After reading the Report so far, you get a sense of Trump , his campaign and the unscrupulous nature of those in his cabinet and the Senate.
  • Money has no boundaries. They have no enemies except those who would prevent them from making an obscene profit. Divide and Conquer works for Kleptocrats & Oligarchs.

  • We the People have deep seated values and a belief system while those who rule us are unbothered by the truth, hide in the shadows and like puppet masters pull our strings. When do we say “Enough”? We’ve seen how the GRU & Wikileaks helped Trump. If the Campaign coordinators had their way, they would have taken aid from China or Iran. They weren’t the enemy, “We the People “ are their enemy.  “We the People”  can vote them out of office or , if willing and convinced,  Impeach the President and watch the entire Cabinet evaporate. 
  • Reading the Report is making me upset and angry.


To be continued:  I’ll release my notes as I finish reading the Report.  It’s in depth and many more witnesses should appear Publicly before Congress, leading to the People’s desired conclusion.  Impeachment is up to US based on the Facts.  We the People should have all the facts.  Public Hearings ,over CSPAN, would shine the light on a corrupt Government , their coordination with a Foreign Power to undermine our Election process and the Obstruction of Justice that ensued and continues to this day.  We are a Constitutional Democracy.  The Rule of Law prevails and we have procedures in place to Subpoena witnesses without the Courts.  The House of Representatives takes Center Stage in these proceedings.  I want to know the “whole” truth?  What about you?  See you later and we’ll talk.


“The Heart and pulse of We the People”


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