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We’re all taught to respect the “rule of Law”.  Most of us do and some of us do and are subjected to unequal justice.  How is that fair?  Why should unequal justice exist in a Democracy?

As we think about that question , I can’t help feeling betrayed by the unequal justice for the many, while the few, with better political connections escape Justice.  According to The Special Council, Our President can’t,  based on case Law,  or precedent , be tried for offenses, while he’s still in office.  However, he can be Impeached by the House of Representatives and held accountable.

I believe when the facts are known, the hearts and minds of decent people will understand why it is important to Impeach Trump,  before he is empowered to overturn more Laws and Regulations that protect “We the People “.

There is nothing more important in our Society today,  than strong Labor Laws protecting the rights of employees and assuring them a living wage, so they may pursue their right to life,  liberty,  and happiness.

During the last 30 yrs , we the People have systematically lost our rights. We live under Socialism, but it has been perverted to support the wealthy connected few.  Just like the first Gilded Age, Late Stage Capitalism, can not survive.  It won’t,  if “We the People “ recognize and accept our differences and unite to passionately vote out of office anyone who would destroy our right to earn a decent wage.  We start by being dedicated to unseat a sitting President, because he has committed crimes that destroy the integrity of our Democracy, for his personal gain.

Though we can’t prosecute him for those crimes now, we can start the Investigation into the Obstruction of Justice case , pending Impeachment.  Why should  “we the People” be governed by the few, who serve their own interests , to our detriment?

We can with proper leadership turn our country into a just Society.  We merely have to know in our hearts this is possible and hope that all decent people will help us accomplish our goal of a just United States.

  • Impeach Trump,  now and watch the existing executive branch become accountable to “We the People”. 
  • Since Impeachment does not impair a sitting President’s ability to function and perform work on behalf of we the People , let’s encourage our Representatives to work in a Bipartisan manner during this time and pass laws that benefit 360 million of us, not a select few!

United we can work together building the Society we want.  Believe it’s true and together we can make a Just Society with equal opportunity for all, a reality.


See you later and we’ll chat.

The heart and pulse of “We the People””

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