America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce #Trickle Down by wealthy Patrons Of #”We the People” works. Conversation on “#OurStateOfInequality!

A handful of wealthy,  are noting,  “we the People” aren’t living the American dream.  Late Stage Capitalism, Business and Government,  solely  motivated by profit has destroyed the Middle Class.

Ford is laying off 7000 management salaried employees by August.  That’s bad news for the People, Michigan and Ford.  How many other companies have become too lean?  The Koch’s  say, they want to tackle poverty, addiction, job fulfillment and educational standards, why not start by concentrating on their own Corporate holdings, by creating a living wage for employees with opportunities for growth, through paid apprenticeships & educational scholarship advancement?  Give them a voice in the Corporation, make them stakeholders with stock options and a voting rights through a pension plan?

Let’s get back to basics , when America supported Labor and their rights to Healthcare, sick leave and vacation time off.  Place an incentivized program in your factories and offices offering bonus for better ways of doing business.  Become more innovative and incorporate employee suggestions and watch productivity soar.

These programs existed at Ford and Pfizer 40 yrs ago. The Corporation thrived and so did the employees.  We can recreate a better future by using our knowledge of the past  and combining it with the data analysis of A.I.

Some have taken the first step, they want to do what’s right.  Take the 2 Nd step and “do” what’s right for “We the People”.

Income inequality is harming us, forcing us to be homeless, in despair and to seek out drugs to numb our State of Inequality, but ” Our State of Inequality” can be reversed, so we all have a better future.  Wealthy patrons have always been change agents, it’s the only trickle down effect that works for “We the People”.

A just society works for everyone.  Having Hope!

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