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Dear Followers:

Is it any wonder “We the People” are confused and divided.  Everyday we’re confronted with a new reality, except one: Bad policy, and bad decisions lead to continued Recession for the many.  Take some power into your hands, call your Congressional representative and demand that we #ImpeachTrump, now!  Stop the lies and start rebuilding our lives together.  Regain our belief in the system by being responsible.  Better policies will follow, otherwise we’ll still be questioning?

  • Our voting machines?
  • Whether, Tariffs rise to stop immigration on our Borders?  How many people will Tariffs hurt?
  • Will we allocate enough funds to cities and States suffering from the vagaries of Climate?
  • Human Rights
  • The Lack of Immigration Policies
  • Job Security, education , healthcare

A bipartisan Congress passed a disaster relief bill for $19 Billion, not merely enough to Mitigate against Climate Change.  Combating Climate is accompanied by a lack of imagination.  Put simply, Corporations like turn key operations and don’t like to change.  That’s why America is making little progress in innovative new technologies, while the rest of our World invests in math, science and reading.  We sit complacent, watching for a future, full of futility instead of hope. 


Where’s our Can do spirit? 

Let’s chat and rekindle our spirit.  We have much to live for?

The Heart and pulse of “We the People”.

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