#America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce: Why we must pursue the Obstruction of Justice case pending #Impeachment as laid out in the #Mueller Report!

Why have I become a passionate advocate for Democracy, The Rule Of Law and equal opportunity for all men, because I have lived with and seen bullying and unequal justice up close and these acts infuriate me.

  • I know men & women who would rather lie, than tell the truth. To these individuals, there is no guilt or remorse, only a relentless pursuit of their own gain . This is human nature, to be both Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde and it is our hope, that most people can be persuaded to do what is right and just . That’s why those of us, who are passionate about doing what’s right, cannot stop debating and discussing our position.
  • It pains me to see my Country fail it’s citizens by not providing equal justice or equal opportunity. The Trump platform and the current GOP position are rooted in policies over a 100 yrs old. They are not beneficial to “We the People “, since they cater to a select few Corporate entities that have sufficient cash to” nourish “the Politicians of their choosing. The entrance to Politics has become too expensive for the average citizen, yet the average citizen must be involved, to further Democracy.
  • These next few years will determine America’s path and the fate of Billions on this planet. “We the People” can not afford to miss an opportunity to overturn what has become the status quo.
  • We are not fighting each other, we are fighting the Corporations and some Billionaires, who have no boundaries when their pursuit of money is involved. They will destroy society rather than give up their exercise of Power and money. They are nihilistic, while we the People, must be hopeful and work toward achieving a better life. We can, when United, redefine our Society.
  • For 100 years Labor was ascendant in America. Over the last 30 years, we lost ground. Why should we accept our plight? If our lives and livelihoods are not worth fighting for, what is?
  • Tariffs led to Globalization originally. First, we lost our industries and jobs. Than, we lost the ability to make a living wage and now, Trumps trade policies are imposing higher costs on many of us.

How does bad policy end? Like it always does with a Stock market crash.

  • It happened in 1907, 1929, 1987, 2008. Will it happen again, of course? The only question is when and what Corporations will suffer along with “we the People”.
  • We’ve been using the same failed policies for a Century, it’s time for real change.

We have a window of opportunity, 10-12 yrs. we can’t afford to squander it. Many people place immigration as their top priority for choosing a President, others use abortion or women’s rights, as their litmus test for voting for a candidate. May I suggest a third test? Labor vs the Corporate good.

  • We’re really fighting for the rights of the individual to thrive and survive. If we don’t invest in new technologies and education, we will be encountering wars, starvation and death. This is a pivotal moment in history.
  • Seize the moment to Impeach Trump, because his policies are ruinous to our Country. Let your Congressman know, your Vote and your voice count. Tell Nancy Pelosi, like I did, that you stand for Democracy and the Rule of Law. # ImpeachTrumpNow
  • Stop this empowered President and a ruthless GOP from gaining more control over our lives. Their actions and memorandums, state their case clearly. They intend to win, even if they destroy our Democracy.
  • I’ve read the Mueller Report in its entirety, spending 8 hrs a day for one week and I was sickened by Trump, the members of his Campaign, the members of his transition Team and his family’s complicity in destroying our Democracy. I’m writing a pamphlet summarizing what I read in Volumes 1 and 2, providing the page #’s for you, dear follower to read. Read my summary and then we can speak about the egregious acts committed by Trump, et al, in order to monetize government for their private benefit.
  • Perhaps, then, you’ll believe, like I do , that the House must start the Investigation into the Obstruction Case, pending Impeachment, so that”we the People”, may read the truth about Trump’s cooperation with the GRU & Wikileaks to assure his Election.
  • We the People can’t read Mueller’s findings of fact, his investigative techniques , or his summaries now, they’re redacted. Starting the Impeachment process, assures us of the truth, the Executive Branch declares it’s coequal status and all relevant documents must be made available without delay or excuses, even if requested of Justice or attorneys for Trump.

If you read the Mueller Report , you’ll understand that Trump actively cooperated with a Foreign Nation and Wikileaks to assure his Election. We don’t know how much money he personally spent or Russia spent on his behalf. We do know, the prize for Trump is the Moscow Tower and Billions of dollars risk free.

  • Obstruction of Justice is the charge to pursue, according to Mueller, pending Impeachment. The Obstruction case, as laid out, ties back to his coverups, listed as follows:
  1. Trumps attempt to curtail and persuade witnesses to lie on his behalf, coupled with his overall attempt to either fire the Special Counsel or derail the Investigation. These acts constitute Obstruction of Justice.
  • 2. Trumps attempt to coverup the real purpose of the June 9 th meeting with a known Russian spy, getting “dirt on Hilary”.
  • 3. Trumps attempts to skew the election in his favor by having Russia hold rallies and pay for dirty politics, including smearing Hilary Clinton and the DNC.
  • 4.Polling data was shared with the Russians.
  • 5. We’re making a fuss over what constitutes protection of our National Security, yet States purchased Russian made voting machines used in 2016. This information was uncovered by investigations of The Special Counsel, the Russian Corporation’s name, is redacted. WHY?

Why was this allowed to happen? Why did the current GOP become complicit? One can assume, there’s only one reason, money. Money was more important personally, than supporting laws that would benefit “we the People”.

Since the founding of our Nation great men have wrestled with the roots of Corruption based on the ability of Corporations to influence and purchase Politicians and Policy. The number of Great Presidents, can be counted on one hand. In every instance those Presidents sincerely thought they were doing right for “We the People”. Now, in the 21 st Century when we should be focusing on innovation, education, our health and Infrastructure, we’re letting Plutocrats rule us.

There is a better way. Impeach Trump now and than vote for the person who will most support the needs of “we the People.”

We will never have a just society unless we start the proceedings to Impeach Trump based on the Obstruction of Justice case laid out by Mueller. As long as there is a chance that Trump will be President for a second term, “we the People” have no choice, we must Impeach. We can’t be neutral when we must act in our own defense.

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