#AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce We’re not voting in our self interest. Why? Look at the results in California & Texas.

It’s a shame. Under this administration we’re focused on the latest scandals or immigration, while we fail to concentrate on other issues that effect our daily lives.

The Economist, dated 7/22/19, focuses on the issues confronting California & Texas.

Both fail to provide funding for a good education. Our kids are suffering from poor educational training and it’s not their fault. The Legislature’s Of both States fail to address the needs of “We the People”.

Next, The Economist addresses the social safety net provided by each of the States. No surprise, Texas believes, if you’re poor, you pick yourself up by your boot straps. Texas gives 4% in direct assistance to the poor, California gives 65% , while the National average is 23%. Additionally, while California encourages people to work by giving an earned tax credit to those below the poverty line, Texas offers no incentive. The working poor in Texas have no social safety net and the disparity between rich and poor continues to increase.

The third metric analyzed was affordable healthcare. Texas does not accept expanded Medicaid and 17% of the poor suffer vs 7% in California.

Where are People voting for their self interest? We could overcome our State Of Inequality, State by State.

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