#AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Who’s insane? Us or them? Be proactive vote GOP out & #ImpeachTrump

Who’s insane, our leaders or US?

  • When Brazil’s President Bolsonaro, recently stated, “he used to be called Captain Chainsaw and now I am Nero, as I set the Amazon ablaze”. Why should these statements be shrugged off and not taken seriously?
  • Don’t shrug off Trump and the GOP’s comments who support him. They have made a pact with Corporate America. They’re destroying our Nation and our values, in pursuit of short term profits.

How many ways have they destroyed our Nation?

1. Manufacturing production has dropped back to 2009 levels.

2. The heat has created Algae Blooms from the Caribbean up the Eastern coast. It’s toxic to people, coral & fish. Yet we continue to exploit our natural resources for the Petrochemical Industry?

3. Carbon levels have reached levels last seen 60 million years ago. What’s next, microbes emerging, that challenge our Pharmaceutical Industry?

4. GOP led Statehouses that have refused to expand Medicaid are not helping their citizens overcome Opioid addiction. While States with Expanded Medicaid are giving out prescriptions to overcome addiction & death.

5. State GOP in several States are not honoring citizen petitions. Why aren’t those citizens recalling their Governor, like the Alaskans?

6. The State GOP has Gerrymandered their electoral districts, obscuring the Democratic Vote ? Overturning the Constitution & Electoral College isn’t the answer. Never elect these “guys” to office again. Change GOP government 100% at the State level , down to the Secretary of State, for fair elections.

7. Are you aware, Trump is rescinding the 20 day detention of migrants rule? We’ve forgotten about the DACA kids plight. We’ve forgotten about those on Temporary Permanent Visa’s. How much do we have to deny, before we say Enough?

  • The GOP in Government is not divided. They are for Big Business & the right of Business to dictate to Government. There is no “sunlight” between today’s GOP Party & Big Business. We’ve reproduced the 1st Gilded Age.
  • With so many issues to be resolved, don’t forget our kids in the fall. We still want to pass sensible Gun Laws to save their lives and ours.

So who’s crazy? US or them?

“We the People” must stop complaining and be proactive.

Voice your opposition.

Tell everyone to Register & Vote.

Tell the House Judiciary committee you want them to start Impeachment Proceedings. Seize the opportunity or we’ll continue suffering for our silence.

“The heart and pulse of “We the People”.

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