America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce: Make your own mandate & Change “The People’s Candidate” We need Election Reforms

Joyce, “The People’s Candidate

You create your own mandate for change. You don’t ask permission, you do it.

I’m no longer waiting for you to choose me, I’ve chosen “We the People”, to champion and I’ll do it passionately.

  • I can’t hope that some Democratic candidates will sweep you off your feet.
  • Or that Trump won’t use dirty tricks again to be re-elected. He will. The Trump Campaign accepted Russia’s help. It’s no mystery why? Trump viewed The Presidency as an infomercial for his Brands. There was more money to be made, if the Trump Tower Moscow was built.
  • Russia raised money on Trumps behalf and organized rallies and targeted Social Media Campaigns to aid Trump.
  • Russia & other Foreign Powers, know how to hack into every voting data base in our Country. Why hasn’t Cybersecurity been installed ? Why aren’t our voting machines tested before impartial citizens to verify their accuracy.
  • We know from the Mueller Report, Trumps Campaign team shared polling data with the Russians. Why?
  • We also know from the Mueller Report, Secretary of States were hacked. Why? How?
  • Mueller did not investigate the hacking of our voting machines in all 50 States, nor did he follow up on the reason to compromise the Voter rolls in Illinois and counties in Florida. The attack on our Election processes and the Russian use of our Voter Registration rolls were left to the FBI, Homeland Security and the States to investigate. Have they investigated and resolved our vulnerabilities?
  • The current GOP is silently letting Trump complete his job. Delivering a GOP mandate; power and money for a few at the expense of “we the People”.
  • They’ve Gerrymandered the States. Didn’t anyone guess , that Gerrymandering, no matter who uses it, is voter suppression?
  • Voter suppression is occurring in many ways: Voter ID’s and closing polling sites limits voter turnout.
  • Glitches in Voting machine software is prevalent and automatically changes a straight Democratic ticket vote to Republican.
  • Blank spaces occurring when you fail to choose a candidate, may choose a GOP candidate for you. Why should these errors persist?
  • 17 million citizens have been purged from the voting rolls in the last two years. Why?
  • Some states , like Georgia, are using contractors, not Federal Election employees, to monitor Elections. Why?
  • North Carolina has resorted to fraud to win an Election. Why?

An important take away from The Mueller Report: We the People must be concerned that all our Data is too vulnerable to Foreign Powers seeking to divide our Nation and destroy our faith in the System and the Rule of Law. What Laws will protect our vote from future Foreign Country interventions in our Elections?

The facts speak for themselves. Even with redactions, in the Mueller Report, our Voting systems and our political processes have been compromised by Russia.

To overcome voting suppression of all kinds, we must mobilize 100 million who didn’t vote and rid ourselves once and for all , of “old white guys” in power. Why do they stay? The answer: They’ve become insatiable for money!

Why should we continue to let this occur? We can have progress and prosperity under new leadership. People make policy and people can make policy that benefits all of us, not only a select few. If Corporations, who now make our Laws, want to be kind to stakeholders, let them demand fair elections on our behalf.

The heart and pulse of “we the People”.

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