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I disagree with Neil Irwin’s premise, the Gig Economy was not formed for the benefit of Workers.

The Gig Economy was created to avoid paying labor a decent wage.

We had strict laws defining who is a contractor vs employee. If you violated employee rights, the Corporation was heavily fined and made to reimburse the employee & pay back taxes.

Microsoft, allowed research to proceed to a book on “Ghost Workers”, though Microsoft employs them to the detriment of their Corporation. Microsoft employees prefer to work with colleagues, not Ghost Workers.

Workers are not tools to be plugged in and plugged out when their job is finished. Every project requires coordination. Otherwise, instead of a team working towards the same goal, employees flounder, as they seek out who’s accountable for the next phase of their request or project completion.

San Francisco airport shutdowns is an example of absent coordination among Departments dependent upon each other, assuring that Planes fly on time, with satisfied customers . Since, Construction of runways was not coordinated, run way disruptions occurred and the airport lost millions in cancelled flights.

  1. Every Corporation requires Middle Management & Project Managers to coordinate projects, assuring seamless transactions that don’t disrupt the stakeholders and consumers.
  2. Maybe We’re Not All Going to Be Gig Economy Workers After All


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