America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce What’s more important: Devotion to a PoliticalParty or your life & livelihoods?

You create your own mandate for change. You don’t ask permission, you do it.

I’m no longer waiting for you to choose me, I’ve chosen “We the People”, to champion and I do it passionately.

  • I can’t hope that some Democratic candidates will sweep you off your feet. Or that Trump won’t use dirty tricks again to be elected. He will. He knows how to hack into every voting data base in our Country. The GOP is silently letting him complete his job. Delivering a GOP mandate. They’ve Gerrymandered the States & the DEMS did nothing. Didn’t anyone guess , that Gerrymandering, no matter who uses it, is voter suppression. They’re suppressing voter turnout all the time. They’ve purged 17 million from the voting rolls in two years.
  • To overcome voting suppression of all kinds, we must mobilize 100 million who didn’t vote and rid ourselves once and for all of old white guys in power. The current GOP are like hamsters on a wheel, except they have the power to churn and burn our Society down.
  • Why should we let this occur? We the People can’t afford another Recession. We can have progress and prosperity under new leadership.
  • If Martin Luther King was willing to stand up to power , why not all of us.
  • Anyone who isn’t a full time employee with benefits is oppressed. The Ghost Workers &/or Contractors have been employed cheaply by Corporate America. America & Americans can’t move forward. We’re not making progress, we could!
  • We’re being deliberately held back by Parties who love their dance, except now , their relationship has proved toxic , literally and figuratively to the rest of us.
  • Our revolution must be peaceful. We are a Democracy & we have a Constitution. Use our power to create a more just society. Our Constitution is based on the Rule of Law, we have “Checks and balances ” on our Government. “We the People” can advocate & demand that Congress responds to our wishes and asserts their co-equal rights.
  • I’m available to run for the office of the Presidency. I’ve said so before. Take me seriously. Train me and I’ll be your expert. Also, I’ll run with a decent person from any party. Making change , one building block at a time.

The next Question to ask yourself, which is more important, devotion to a Political Party or your life & livelihoods?

Thank you. “The heart and pulse of “we the People”.

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