America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce How do I convince you, Policy for personal gain is wrong.

Why do we have frauds and misfits in High Office?

Why do we have frauds and misfits in High office in government, to confuse and confound ordinary people?

People who have been self reliant for years have been fooled into thinking small government is good for them and no interference in their lives, is also good for them, when the opposite is true.

A strong Federal Government has one law for all people. Government can make standards of excellence and can offer us the kind of life we need.

Small government works for the wealthy. It lets them rape and plunder our lands for short term profits. They gain from small government and we lose.

Alaskans are concerned that more expansion in Denali will destroy the rapidly deteriorating Permafrost, exacerbate climate warming and worse expose tourists to high levels of arsenic and antimony, deposited there by miners and other industries.

  • Worse the money spent on Denali expansion, won’t go to support the People with education and healthcare, nor will it provide beds and meals for the homeless , instead the money will remain with the developers, after taxpayers have improved their land. This scenario is playing out all over America.

  • Deregulation has worked against people.

Taxation is only for us. The wealthy get continuous tax breaks, depleting the Public coffers and yet people applaud a Party that wants to destroy them and is doing so literally and figuratively. Why?

Why hold onto a A Political Party that doesn’t have your best interests in their heart. Ruthless politicians make money for themselves not for the people who voted for them. If they cared about people, you’d have better wages, education and healthcare.

We’d be investing in alternative energy and our Infrastructure.

We wouldn’t have to wonder if our water is pure. It would be pure.

We wouldn’t have to wonder if our air is causing us misery because polluters would be fined and compelled to make our air clean.

We wouldn’t have so many homeless because developers who built with our dollars would have to provide the homes and schools promised.

The GOP Government works for Big Business because it is Big Business. They are interchangeable.

Trumps Government works for big business because it is run by big business. There’s big money to be made in Government, if you monetize your connections. “We the People” are a means to their end. We vote them into office and that’s when we cease to be of use. They’re not sharing our revenue with us. That’s why they prefer small government, it works for them.

If we believe these frauds and charlatans, the quicker we’ll succumb to gun violence, opioid deaths & poverty. The system is rigged to keep us poor, bound in the body and the mind to them. If you believe their cause is just , you might as well be worshiping falsely.

They are not gods, but they are skilled manipulators , getting you to believe in their lies, while they steal everything we’ve got, including The Right to pursue life liberty and happiness. Empty words unless we remove them from the Statehouses and the Federal government.

We need government to work for us. It can. It has done so before. You just have to remember TR, LINCOLN & FDR, President’s Who towered over the rest because they had great agendas that worked to restore the Rights and dignity of People.

Without government that cares about people. We may as well lay down and die.

Or if you’re through with being victimized ,you can vote them out of office. Let them lose their power so we the People can survive. Do it for yourself and future generations.

It is our responsibility to leave the Country in better shape than we found it. We want our. Kids to have a better life. Vote for new faces who’ll care about the gun violence, opioid addicted , number of incarcerated, good healthcare, education and infrastructure. It’s never too late to change. It’s never too late to admit a mistake. Understand why you’re voting for change, it’s hard to do, but necessary, if you want to pursue life liberty and happiness.

Vote for Impeachment

Start by Voting for the Impeachment of Trump, Pence and remove his cabinet so they may do no more harm. Do it because it is right and just . It preserves our Democracy and sends a message that Americans respect the rule of Law and our Constitution .

While considering the Rule of Law, we want equal justice. Our legislators must govern us fairly as well. We must Impeach-all those who have acted in a Lawless manner. That is just and right.

Sure horse trading takes place at the International level. Presidents may ask, What can you do for my country “or what can we do for ” your Country”, that makes you deserving of our weapons or whatever largess we are bestowing on another country. It is never about personal favors for personal gain. Never! That is wrong. Terribly wrong.

The heart and pulse of “we the People”.

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