AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Trump vs Progress & a thriving Future!

“We the People” are confronted by many issues. #ImpeachTrump & start work on a productive happier future. It’s easier said than done but, it’s in our best interest to act, now!

How can I be sure? Trump and his collaborative team of Oligarchs, in and out of Government, have wasted our precious time. They’ve weakened our Institutions, made it legal to pollute our water and air. Supported all policy, whether Domestic or Foreign, for short term personal gain.

They’ve employed people to carry out a mission of disruptive political discourse and racial hatred, dividing our Country for their benefit and our detriment.

The sooner “we the People “ understand the magnitude of the crimes committed by them and the short term gains created for them, the quicker we can return to an informed United States.

Climate Change will not disappear on its own. It will take a tremendous commitment of resources, people and money to make our Planet safe for continued survival. I’m not concerned. Once a few good people, raise their voices for justice, our American “Can Do” spirit will be revived.

It’s too bad there is resistance to change among Trumps GOP. I fear along with their shortsightedness and attempts to hold on to what worked in the past , they can’t accept a changing present & future. Unfortunately, they don’t feel the pain of our present State of Inequalities. They’re comfortable, secure and in denial of the facts. They don’t have the Entrepreneurial spirit they forced “we the People” to adapt.

We the People don’t have the luxury of denial. Our lives are affected daily by their decisions. That’s why we must be informed to act in our self Interest. Vote these men & women who cling to the present status quo out of office. TRUMP & Trump GOP Senators on the Federal Level and Governors and other elected officials on the State Level , must be voted out of office in order to nurture our Country back to prosperity

This is a new era

The day of the political hack and allegiance to a Party is doomed along with us! We need people with decency and smarts to use technology’s tools to move our cities & citizens forward. We need to thrive in the harsh environment we’ve created.

Our skills must match the challenges ahead. The day of the Party hack has drawn to a close.

People brought us to the brink of disaster. Therefore , courageous visionaries can lead us out of our self made crisis and move forward with positive plans for our future. Plans that will require everyone’s participation, young & old.

Thank you for listening. All we need to revive our American “can do “spirit, are a few good people to speak out against tyranny of the mind and body!

The heart and pulse of “we the People “

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