America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Why fear “Rerouting”? It’s the ability to be flexible, to follow your passions &assess your skill sets enabling yourself to try something new. That’s the definition of an Entrepreneur!

I was thinking about today’s You Tube video and found a link between today’s leaders and their fear of “Rerouting”.

Let me explain, we’re going through an unprecedented crisis in the United States. Impeachment is not to be taken lightly or shrugged off.

Where is Trump’s moral or ethical center? It appears that selling our Country for future gains from Russia, is business as usual for Trump. He used Russian intervention to help him win the 2016 nomination. Ukraine was a pawn in the 2016 elections. Trump watered down his defense of Ukraine in the RNC platform. This was to protect his position with the existing despot in the Ukraine and to cover up the knowledge of the hotel complex he built in Ukraine, for the despot, who was forced to flee to Moscow for protection. Three yrs later, he’s using Ukraine again, only this time he blatantly tried to bribe the new Prime Minister. True , Ukraine, under Russian intervention, was corrupt, now they’re trying to do right by their people and seek Democracy.

When do we dissuade Democracies from pursuing their own destiny?

Wait, there’s more to say about Trump. He’s and his Party’s business leaders have failed us Domestically as well. In pursuit of personal profits, they’ve denied Climate crises. We the People are suffering from too much particulate matter in our air. Our water is contaminated and 19 million acres of once arable land hasn’t been planted.

What are we doing to help Americans?

It seems the uncertainty so many in power fear, is forcing individuals to take a risk for survival and become Entrepreneurs. I used to think Entrepreneurs were born not made. I was wrong.

The NY Times has a great story about two brothers one on the autism spectrum. When an autistic child turns 22 there are no more services or education available to them. They fall off a cliff. Not anymore. The technology brother founded a company, Daivergent and has place 75 candidates from a pool of 1100 applicants. All seeking work from the 20 Technology Corporations contacted. I assume many telecommute.

New York Times article, Using Technology to close the Autism Gap.

This is why I’m hopeful about the future of Work.

  • All over America, because staying the same is unacceptable, people are “Rerouting” and becoming Entrepreneurs. They’re giving themselves permission to live their passions and help themselves and their Communities to thrive. Watch the PBS video, Road Trip Nation, “Rerouting”, filmed in America, August, 2019.

It’s a shame that Congress on the local , State and Federal levels can’t acquire the courage to shake their Corporate bonds and do what’s right for America & Americans. It’s an equal shame that the Corporate quest for personal short term profits has made CEO’s shortchange their shareholders and stakeholders.

I used to think derisively about the UN. No longer, we are one Planet and what we do locally affects the Globe. This is a period in Earth’s history when we must meet each other and solve our common enemy, a warming Planet.

Which brings me to my last thought. Don’t gloat over Trumps demise. This is a dreadful end to an era of promotion of the Corporate good over the well-being of “We the People”.

And since I’ve been confronted by various negative views of Bibi, lately. Let me State, he is no Trump. He has to my knowledge, done a lot of good for the preservation of the State of Israel. What happens in Israel, is up to the Israeli population.

Onward to our future. There is always risk. However, that’s never stopped the American spirit before!

The heart and pulse of “we the People”.

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