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Episode # 10 Australia Policy vs People, Assassination & Amy McGrath For Senator Kentucky

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Episode #10  2020 Seeing Clearly Now

  • Australia burns, while domestic policy favoring Coal Mining and the Fossil Fuel Industries thrive.  When will Countries understand there is causality between oil and gas production and the exacerbation of the weather, creating a hot air loop, fires, fire tornadoes, loss of life, resources and property.  What happens in Australia, doesn’t stay in Australia, it affects the Glaciers in New Zealand. 
  • We’re a closed “system”.  What we do locally, effects Everyone!Trump is rewarding his constituents by making Construction “easier” by overturning 95 Regulations that protect our water, air and bird migrations.  Even if he’s unwilling to protect our lives, there’s still time to litigate this abuse of Power.
  • Which brings us to the Assassination of Suleimani, a leader of the Quds force of Iran.  The Republican Guards are not only the Military arm of Iran, they also own 30% of all important communications and property in Iran.  We just annihilated a very important person in the Iranian Government.  The Quds Force is a fierce patriotic organized Military.  The Saudis are having great difficulty eliminating them from Yemen.  At this moment, we’ve sent American troops to Saudi Arabia. Why?

  • Why are “we” in Iraq continuing the failed policies of previous Presidents?  By going into Iraq and toppling Saddam Hussein and destroying his Sunni Republican Guards, we created a power vacuum, a failed State.  The Shiites moved closer to Iran, the Kurds were eventually betrayed and we’re left with anarchy.  Our goal should have been to unite with Republican Guards and organize a coalition government with all factions.  Because this was never considered, like Collin Powell stated, “you break it, you own it”.  To our detriment and the detriment of our brave sons and daughters who serve the US Military, we broke Iraq! 
  • Another issue I addressed was Mitch McConnell.  Kentucky now has a viable Democratic challenger for his Senate seat.   Amy McGrath has popular support and has raised approximately $11 Million from the Grass Roots.  My advice to Kentuckians, take all the money, Elaine Chow, Mitch’s wife is bestowing on local contractors.  Let Deripaska build that Aluminum Plant. And vote for Amy McGrath.  She’ll restore integrity and smarts to the Senate and benefit her State by voting for good wages.  Do not vote for Mitch or the Democratic spoiler, Charles Booker, he’ll split the Democratic vote and Mitch could be re elected.  Support Amy, the grass roots are behind her and her excellent Military record.

The heart and Pulse of “We the People”.

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