AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Episode 11 links: Life vs Corporate Money, Plus events this week!

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The Australian bush fires are very much in the news. Australian’s are fed up with their government’s policy of catering to the Coal Mining Industry. They know their Climate,  weather and death are due to the exploration and export of Coal & Fossil Fuels. One Billion animals have died in their wall of Fire. 

Meanwhile, in America, rather than being angry with Domestic Policy, we’re killing our selves with diseases of despair!  Angus Deaton an Economist “coined” this term for suicide , alcohol and pain killer abuse. Americans have a decreased lifespan because of our increased mortality rate. Why should we despair?  Vote in your self interest and our future will be bright. We can have better pay & pay with dignity. It’s 2020, we can see Clearly Now! 

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This week’s events:

  • Technion Lecture “Entrepreneurs” & Jewish Climate Activiism at the JCC this evening.
  • Thursday, I’m attending a Concert at the Steven Wise Free Synagogue, celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. @7 PM. UJA is sponsoring Neshama Carlebach who will be joined by her Gospel choir, led by Pastor Milton Mann, for an evening of uplifting song. There is a charge for this event.
  • Also, on Thursday evening, from 6-8pm there’s a discussion, open to the Public on Police Violence by Legal scholar, David A. Harris. His book: “A City Divided: Race, Fear, and the Law in Police Confrontations.”

Next week, tune in for a discussion on diversity with my Grandson, who’s 21yrs old and full disclosure, his comments are totally his own.

If you decide to attend a lecture, I’m unable to attend, please contact and relate your impressions. All my best.

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