AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The disingenuous opposition to Trumps Impeachment! We have nothing to lose but our Democracy!

When 75% of the American people want witnesses called, how can GOP Senators justify not calling witnesses?

How can Bob Portman claim, removing this President will tear the Country apart? First, we’re not at that stage yet. 2 Nd lets call witnesses and hear further testimony from Bolton, Giuliani, Mulvaney & Cipollone and then decide, if Trump should be removed. Use the trial process as intended , to uncover the facts and determine culpability.

Remember, our Democracy and Constitution are on trial when you have a preordained outcome. Our Democracy is fragile , if we allow a President to abide by no Laws. What would happen, if the rest of us were not obliged to respect the Law either? Is this a Democracy with checks and balances on all branches of Government, or is this an Authoritarian regime? I’m angry, if we can’t hear the truth about our elected Presidents or any elected officials.

Truth will bind & heal the American people’s divisions.

Truth has meaning for “We the People”. The once thriving Middle Class valued integrity and honesty. I believe they still do!

Don’t cast away the values that Unite us.

The Senators have sold their souls for money. I can forgive them for taking the money. I can’t forgive them for grabbing power for themselves and a select few and forsaking us, the People, unseen , left to suffer without our Democracy and our Social Safety Net.

Trump and TrumpsGOP can’t win this battle over witnesses. If they do, the ultimate cost to “we the People “, will be intolerable. We will have lost our Democracy!

I value our Democracy and now, I am “Mad as hell”!

The heart and pulse of “we the People “

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