AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Answering Quincy Jones, why does Barr support a President, who is above the Law? And isn’t Barr Obstructing Justice, too?

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Quincy asked me , why is Bob Barr , our Attorney General, acting against the interests of Americans? According to the Financial Times, Barr, has supported an Imperial Presidency, even a Monarch, or absolute ruler, since he worked for Richard Nixon. He believes, a President is always acting in the best interest of “We the People “. Shouldn’t “we the People” decide?

What Barr forgets is that Richard Nixon, though having some good qualities, made the unilateral decision to extend the War in Vietnam , till he became President. He negotiated with a foreign power, prior to his Presidency, while it may not be criminal, it certainly wasn’t proper behavior to circumvent a sitting President! Trump did exactly the same when he negotiated with Russia, behind Obama’s back, when asked specifically by Obama, not to conduct foreign policy before he became President.

We have to ask, are there no rules, no civility, no trust to be expected of a President elect for a sitting President? Just because you think you’re right, should you , as a future President, be allowed to circumvent Law? According to Barr & Dershowitz, there are no checks and balances on either a President elect, still a private citizen or the President. No checks and balances as stated in the Constitution.

Next, as President, Nixon burglarized DNC HQ and was caught, covered it up and was going to be Impeached for Obstruction of Justice prior to resigning.

Didn’t Trump do the same in 2016, only he was still a private Citizen. Now, to be re elected, isn’t he breaking our Laws again by using a Foreign Power to smear a potential political opponent for political gain and then covering up the truth. Isn’t that Obstruction of Justice. Doesn’t his behavior warrant a check by the House of Representatives as stated in our Constitution?

Barr and Dershowitz have said no crime was committed . A sitting President, because he is President, cannot be held accountable.

Why should anyone be above the Law? “We the People “ have had good intentions, yet we pay for our mid deeds and we’re accountable. Shouldn’t People who serve “We the People “ be accountable to all the People and be held to a standard of integrity?

In business, when you give your word , you’re expected to live by that promise. Integrity and trust create business relationships and partnerships.

When I was in business, I didn’t smear my competition to get a job. I got jobs because we were honest, provided good pricing and my mechanics were 100% responsible. That was always the American way. I didn’t make a “killing”, but I made a decent living.

How many of you feel these were our Middle Class values? Would you want those values to persist? Do you think we would have less divisiveness , if they did?

If you think, yes. Than say No, to Barr’s argument and the arguments of Dershowitz. Call your Senators for a fair trial , in the open with Witnesses and new Evidence. Our Democracy is based on checks and balances of the 3 branches of government. Shouldn’t our Democracy and our Middle Class values be preserved?

The heart and soul of “We the People”.

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